Nursery Weekly Update

We have had another busy week in nursery.

This week the children have been learning about plants that we can eat and food that can be sourced from plants. They have enjoyed using their senses to explore a range of herbs such as parsley, coriander and thyme. We have also tasted cress and made cress heads which the children will care for and observe over the coming weeks.

In maths, we have been using our number skills to recite numbers in order to 10. We have played games such as ‘what’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ and pretended to blast off in our rockets to practise saying our numbers.

In the forest, the children have been artists creating landscape sketches.

Nursery Weekly Update

This week the children have continued to focus on minibeasts, as part of our topic ‘how does your garden grow?’.

The children have been able to engage in sorting and classifying activities where they were able to group minibeasts with similar features (i.e. legs, no legs, wings) etc. The have explored the difference between insects and arachnids, describing how insects have 6 legs and arachnids have 8 legs.

The children have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, using key topic vocabulary such as ‘egg’, ‘caterpillar’, ‘cocoon/chrysalis’ and ‘butterfly’ to explain the process of metamorphosis. We have had caterpillars arrive within nursery for us to care for and observe closely as they grow and transition.

We have also been thinking carefully about minibeast habitats, understanding where certain creatures might decide to live. We thought carefully about the conditions and materials preferable to minibeasts and undertook some research into bug hotels before working hard to design our own. On Friday, the children worked collaboratively to build a bug hotel in the forest area using their knowledge and prior experiences. Thank you so much for your kind donations of wood and bricks, this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

In maths, the children have been focusing on 2D shapes. We have been naming and identifying simple 2D shapes in our environment and have discussed some properties each shape possesses to help us with identification. The children have enjoyed playing a shape game on the interactive whiteboard (, printing 2D shapes and constructing with shapes.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Jones.


Nursery Weekly Update

Hello everybody! Welcome back, I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter break 🙂

This half term our topic is ‘How does your garden grow?’. Over the course of the half term, we will be learning about plants and minibeasts, looking closely at habitats and life cycles.

This week the children have been exposed to new vocabulary and have enjoyed exploring our new topic books. They have already learnt the names of some more unfamiliar minibeasts such as earwigs, beetles, crane flies and grasshoppers.

The children have enjoyed minibeast hunts in the garden and in the forest area where they were able to show care and concern for living creatures and practise their sorting and classifying skills.

In maths, we have revisited subitising. The children have absolutely blown me away with their ability to subitise objects to 3 and use their mathematical reasoning skills to recognise larger quantities by explaining “That’s 6. I can see 3 and 3”.

Parent notices:

On Tuesday 30th April I will be holding a parent’s evening from 1pm-4:45pm. Please see me if you would like to book a slot.

PE days – Tuesday and Thursday

Outdoor learning in the forest – Friday


Please help us to make our bug hotel!

The nursery children are currently learning about minibeasts as part of their topic ‘How does your garden grow?’.

Next week we are planning to build a bug hotel in our forest area. We already have a pallet to use but we would love to receive donations of loose bricks, large rocks and pieces of wood/logs in order for us to build something similar to the image below.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Jones.

Nursery weekly update

Hello everyone!

We have had another wonderful week in nursery. This week, as part of our topic ‘down on the farm’, we have been thinking carefully about where some of our food comes from. The children are currently growing their own cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots and are enjoying taking care of the plants and watching them grow.

We discussed how some foods grow on trees, some foods grow on vines/plants and some foods grow in the ground. The children were then given the opportunity to taste some UK grown fruits and vegetables that may not be commonly in their diets such as rhubarb, beetroot and bell peppers. The children made healthy food choices and used a range of vocabulary to describe what they could see, smell and taste.

We also learnt how wheat is grown, ground into flour and can then be used to make bread. The children enjoyed reading stories which described this process, using non-fiction books and stories such as ‘The Little Red Hen’. We also looked at pictures and videos, with the children making links to their knowledge of harvesting. We then followed a simple recipe to make some bread rolls. The children commented on the changes of state they noticed and commented on how the yeast had made the bread rise.

On Friday we were so fortunate to have Mr and Mrs Davies visit us again, this time with some farm animals! It was extremely unfortunate that our mini-farm visit was cancelled due to illness, but Mr and Mrs Davies ensured that the children still had the opportunity to experience encounters with piglets and goats . Thank you so much, the children had such a wonderful time!

Parent notices:

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Wednesday – Outdoor learning (for this week only)

Thursday 21st March – Odd socks day and last day of term.

Nursery Weekly Update

We have had another wonderful week in nursery. This week we have been busy exploring farm machinery. The children have loved using a variety of construction materials to build tractors, trailers, ploughs, combine harvesters, crop sprayers and balers. They have worked collaboratively using the large wooden blocks, thinking carefully about positioning and working together to lift the heavier materials. Children have also enjoyed using the lego, stickle bricks, magnetic blocks and duplo to construct.

In literacy, we have been working to understand that there are different types of books with different purposes. We understood how storybooks are made-up stories, containing characters and brilliant illustrations. We like to read stories because they make us laugh, we like the characters and we like looking at the pictures. We also understood that some of our books are information books. These usually contain real images and give facts and information about different topics. We have used our information books to understand how to care for the vegetable seeds we planted last week and to learn more about what farm machinery is used for.

This week we have also focussed on the story ‘What the Ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed joining in with repeated refrains and have become confident in retelling the story in their own words. We created puppets, engaged in imaginative role-play and drew pictures to represent our ideas. We also created maps which would lead us to the fine, prize cow. On Friday, we ventured into the forest area with our maps on the hunt for the fine, prize cow.

In maths, we have been exploring patterns around us. The children explored patterns on farm animals, patterns in the home environment (i.e. on wallpaper, rugs, cushions, curtains and carpets) and patterns in the natural environment and used informal language such as; spotty, stripy, swirly, flowery, pointy and patchy to describe what they could see. They enjoyed using a variety of tools such as knives, forks and playdough cutters as well as natural materials such as shells and pinecones to print patterns in their playdough. Finally, children used bead strings and natural materials to create repeating patterns.

Next week, on Friday 15th March, we are extremely fortunate to have a ‘mini farm’ visit nursery. This will give children the opportunity to interact with real-life farm animals, learning more about how they should be cared for.

Parent notices:

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Show and Tell – Friday

Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day and Mini farm visit.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Jones.

Nursery Weekly Update

What an exciting we have had in nursery! The children are fully immersed in our new topic ‘On the Farm’ and have been so lucky to have an incubator and 6 duck eggs arrive in school. The children have learnt about the lifecycle of a duck and have used lots of new vocabulary such as ‘duckling’ and ‘hatch’. They have understood how to care for our eggs during the incubation process and are eagerly observing for any changes and developments.

This week the children have also been learning about the types of jobs that take place on the farm. Children have enjoyed role playing caring for the animals by feeding them and cleaning them out, learning about the milking process, learning how to plant, care for and harvest vegetables and crops and also practised being agricultural engineers and farm vets.

We were super lucky to have some bedding, feed and equipment donated by Mrs North and Noah. The children have loved using these resources to role play, thank you so much!

We have also been extremely lucky to welcome Mrs Jones’ Daddy into nursery who is an agricultural engineer. He was able to talk to the children about his job and show the children some common tools used to fix farm machinery. We looked at the different shapes screws can be and the different types of screwdriver needed. We also compared bolts with screws and learnt the right tools to tighten and loosen these. The children showed curiosity about the different tools and tractor parts and asked some fantastic questions.

The children have also been using Seesaw to share their experiences of farms and farming. Thank you for your continued support.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Jones.


Nursery Weekly Update

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful half term.

This half term we are starting our new topic ‘On the Farm’. The children have loved accessing our new topic books and discussing who lives on the farm. We have been naming farm animals and experimenting with our voices to create animal sounds. Children have been using more unfamiliar vocabulary using as ‘goose’, ‘turkey’ and ‘donkey’ alongside other, better known, animals such as pigs, sheep, cows and chickens. We also discussed how some farm animals usually have their offspring in the spring and learned the names of chicks, ducklings, kids, lambs, calves, piglets, puppies and kittens. We then used this new vocabulary in our play whilst exploring the farm tuff tray.

The children then explored colour mixing, revisiting prior knowledge of colour mixing with primary colours and also learning how white can be used to make lighter shades and black can be used to make darker shades. The children then used this knowledge to paint pictures of their favourite farm animals.

In our phonics we have been working hard to listen out for initial sounds, enjoying games of ‘I spy’ on the farm. Older children have been practising their Fred Talk to segment words into sounds and blend sounds into words i.e. ‘c-ow, cow’, ‘sh-ee-p, sheep’.

In maths, the children revisited subitising. Not only were we able to subitise small quantities, we extended our knowledge by comparing these quantities using the terminology ‘more than’ and ‘less than’.

In the forest, the children enjoyed exploring natural materials and mixing media by creating natural paintbrushes made out of sticks, leaves and grass and then using them to paint mud pictures.

Parent notices:

PE days – Tuesday and Thursday

Outdoor learning – Friday



If you have any farm animal teddies at home that you would be happy for us to keep in nursery for this half term so that we can practise taking care of animals, I would be very grateful to borrow them.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs Jones.

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