How are we getting on?

Hello all

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I’m just popping on to let you know that I am missing you all and I’m hoping home schooling isn’t as bad as you may have first thought!

Just a reminder to not put lots of pressure on yourselves! Go with the children’s ideas and help them learn along the way, you don’t always have to force learning. Try to enjoy stories as much as you can, maybe read them, write them, make them up, act them out, make a reading den, the ideas are endless!

Children are amazing because the find wonder in all aspects of everyday life. It’s not often we get the chance to slow down and wonder with them, take this opportunity.

I am sure you are all doing an amazing job of being exactly what your child needs right now. Don’t give up!

Stay safe everyone!
Miss White

Children in school


We’re having a good first week with all of this lovely weather!

Can we ask please, that if your child is in school, send them with some sun cream and a sun hat?

The sun is quite strong and we want to be able to get out and enjoy it as much as possible!

Stay safe

Miss White

More ideas!!

I’ve just found some more useful links and a free login to PhonicsPlay which is great for phonics activities! I have also included a potential home timetable as I know some children (and parents!) can get a bit unsettled without some structure!!

Best wishes

Miss White


Phonics home learning

Dear Parents/ guardians/carers,

Please find attached the order in which phonics is taught in our school and the letters and sounds official book as a PDF. The PDF gives all of the rules for the sounds and different ideas for games.

Most of our class have finished phase 3 now, ready to move onto phase 4, where no new sounds are learnt, but new tricky words and consolidation of phase 3.

Please practise all sounds from phase 2 and 3 to help make sure there is as little interruption to your child’s learning as possible. The jolly phonic videos on YouTube are really useful.

Twinkl has some great resources to help support the teaching of phonics. You can access Twinkl for free over the school closures.

I hope this helps!

Miss White