NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe

In PSHE this week we will be looking at the NSPCC Speak Out project.

Please see the attached letter for more information.


Should you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher for more information.

Class 9 update


This week the children have been busy across the curriculum.

In maths we have been working on fractions and considering how different fractions are related and how to convert fractions that are different so they can be compared more easily.

In Literacy we are just finishing off our work on diary entries linked to characters in our class text – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

In science we have been exploring how differences in voltage can influence how an electrical device operates. Using data loggers we were able to measure the brightness of light bulbs when the voltage was increase.

We have continued our work on the Battle of Britain, and in particular, listening to first hand accounts of the events during the summer of 1940.

In PSHE we will be looking at the NSPCC Speak Out project.

Please see the attached letter for more information.



Homework week ending 21.01.22

I hope you have a good weekend,

Mr Chiverton

Class 9 Weekly update


This week we have been busy continuing our work in Literacy linked to the book, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. With the link to our history, the children are enjoying this.

In maths we are just about to start a significant block working with fractions. If your child has any difficulty with this area and needs a little help remembering key elements then there are great videos on YouTube.

Our work in Science has lead to us testing a range of electrical circuits to see if they work. The children seem to enjoy the practical elements of this topic.

Just in case you want to have a look at the homework together online.

Homework week ending 14.01.22

Have a good week.

Mr Chiverton

Class 9 weekly update

Welcome back 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely break and rest over the Christmas holidays. Class 9 have been great settling back into school and have impressed me with their great behaviour – let’s keep it up!

On Wednesday we started our work looking at the Battle of Britain. In particular we considered the events that lead up to the start of WWII.

In Science this week we revisited the theme of Electricity. The children considered conductive materials whilst creating an electrical circuit and introducing a switch.


Can I please encourage all children to read at least 3 times a week to an adult. I’m sure you enjoy listening to your child read and it also gives you an opportunity to  check their understanding of the text and question them on their comprehension.


We have been focusing on the order of operation for completing multistep complex problems. I’m sure if you ask your child about BODMAS/BIDMAS they will be able to explain it.

Homework week ending 7.01.22

PE – There is a change to PE this term with Jujitsu on Tuesdays and on a Wednesday PE run by Pass Master. Please can children wear the correct PE uniform, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Chiverton

Class 9 end of term.


With Christmas fast approaching, the children will be having a little Christmas party on Friday afternoon. The children will need to wear school uniform and will have a little celebration in the afternoon. The children will have the opportunity to watch a film that they have requested to watch and will have some party food.

If the children want to bring in some produced and package food (no home cooked or prepared food), then I am happy for them to do that. If your child has any specific dietary needs or allergies, please ensure they have appropriate snacks.


Mr Chiverton

Class 9 Weekly update


It was lovely to see such a variety of Christmas jumpers on display this week; it certainly brightened up the classroom.

The children have been continuing their work on discussions and arguments in Literacy and have been linking this to their work on Charles Darwin.

In maths we have been looking at factors and multiples of numbers and are about to move on to prime, square and cube numbers.

Their vector graphics work is developing nicely and I hope to have some finished images to show next time.

In RE we have been looking at art and how it is depicted in religion. This week, we were looking at the geometric patterns used in Islamic buildings.

Yr 5 Homework week ending 10.12.21

Yr 6 Homework week ending 10.12.21

Have a good week,

Mr Chiverton

Class 9 Update


This week the children have been working hard on a wide range of topics.

In Literacy, we have been looking at discussions and debates and the language used in this genre. We had proposers and opposers in what turned out to be an enjoyable debate.

In maths, we have continued our work on long division. If you want to try a few more at home, then have a go at these:

  1. 7,868 ÷ 14 b) 5,792 ÷ 16

In computing, we have continued to look at vector graphics. Lauren decided to carry on with this at home. Some great images, Lauren.

In art, we have been looking at some of the images that Charles Darwin created whilst on his travels upon HMS Beagle. In particular, we looked at Darwin’s finches. We had some fantastic images from Ivaylo, Rubie and Josh.

Just a reminder that all homework is due in on Thursday morning. If you are having difficulty with it, then please speak to me or Mrs Wills before the end of Tuesday.

Have a good weekend,
Mr Chiverton