Year 6 Homework

Homework this week will continue with maths and reading practise. The children have also been given the two spelling lists that they should all know by the end of year 6. All the spelling patterns and words have been taught over the past four years. As the children are finding this quite daunting, I have selected twenty for them to concentrate on.

A number of children are rushing through their reading comprehension papers and are making significant errors. Please encourage your child to talk to you about their answers once they have completed their questions so that you can go over any areas  they have had difficulty with.

On Wednesday 12th February at 2:30 I will be holding a meeting for parents to pass on information about Sats. I hope to see you there.


Mr Chiverton

Year 6 Homework

The children in Year 6 have been working hard in preparation for their Sats in May. The homework they have been, and will be, receiving will support them in achieving their full potential. Please encourage your child to complete their homework to the best of their ability and with the same level of effort that they would complete class work. If children are unsure of  a word or technical term, please support them to look it up.

Spellings will now be selected from the year 3/4 and year 5/6 spelling lists. Children were given the latter on Friday and will receive the former this week.

Thanks for your continued support in your child’s education.

Mr Chiverton

Year 6 homework

The children have all settled back into the flow of things after the Christmas break.

As we lead into the Key Stage 2 Sats you will have noticed that the children are having segments of past papers for homework practise. If your child is unsure of any of the terminology used in a question, please let them look that up on the internet rather than avoiding the question altogether. If they are still finding if tricky, I am running a homework club at 12:30 on a Wednesday lunchtime.

A number of children are diving into problems and solving part of it without actually reading the full question. If you could encourage your child to read the whole question and then check to see if they have actually answered it, this will be hugely beneficial.

With reading papers, a number of the children are finding it difficult to read the text and answer the questions in the allotted time. Each short paper has a maximum of 20 minutes allocated for reading it and answering the questions.Please encourage your child to work at pace and complete the reading task in 20 minutes.

Last week’s spellings will be continues into this week.

Bonuses, addresses, boxes, matches, peaches, parties, trousers, opportunities, dictionaries, sketches, salmon, suffixes, compasses, spies, glasses, deer, crutches

I will be holding a parents’ evening before half term on Wednesday 12th February at 14:30 to explain about the Sats. I hope to see you there.


Mr Chiverton

Happy New Year

I hope you are all enjoying your last few days of the Christmas holidays.

You will have noticed there has been no homework or spellings over the break – we all need some downtime, occasionally.

In the lead up to Easter we will be linking some of our work to The Battle of Britain. If you want to do some research on this topic, feel free to do so.

Please find time to practise some of your skills using the CPG books that you were given back in the autumn term.

PE will continue to take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure you have the appropriate PE kit in for the sessions – black shorts and white top for all sessions and jogging bottoms and long sleeve top for outside.

Don’t forget, first day back is Tuesday January 7th.


Mr. Chiverton

Year 6 homework

The children in Year 6 continue to work through a selection of maths, reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises.

This week the spellings are sh words spelled si or ssi. These include:

tension, permission, admission, profession, possession, revision, discussion, collision

Please encourage your child to read with you and ask them questions related to the text. I have noticed that a majority of the children are fluent readers but don’t understand a lot of the vocabulary. any help you can give them on this would be appreciated.

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week our spellings focus on the sh sound spelt ti or ci. These will include words such as; international, rejuvenation, ancient, misrepresentation.

The children also have a piece of grammar work and maths sheet to complete.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities. Should they find elements of it too tricky, please encourage them to try and complete it and I will work with them to complete the rest.


Mr Chiverton

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week the children have homework linked to determiners. Please encourage your child to read the guidance at the top of the sheet before completing the task.

The maths homework if linked to multiplying money.

Spellings this week include –

forgetting, forgotten, beginner, beginning, admittance, preferred, strumming, dropped, stopped, wettest, runny, sadder, admitted

Please encourage your child to practice their spellings. Last week’s scores were considerably down on previous weeks.


Thank you

Mr Chiverton