More Super Science

Hi Class 5,

I hope you are all making the most of this beautiful weather and enjoying your half term break.

Imogen sent me a lovely email today to show me the fantastic science she has been doing at home – it looks very exciting! Your writing is beautiful Imogen and your instructions are so clear. I am going to use them to try making a volcano myself at home – I will let you know how I get on.

Thank you for sharing this with me and keep up the good work.

Mrs Duncan 🙂

More Fantastic Work

Hi Class 5,

I hope you are all having a lovely half term. The weather is set to be beautiful so enjoy the sunshine. I received a lovely email from Sam yesterday. Sam has been hard at work keeping fit, planting vegetables and writing – your diary entry is brilliant Sam!

Let us know how your vegetables are getting on.

Stay safe and keep smiling

Mrs Duncan 🙂

W/C 26.5.20

Hi Class 5,

I know this week is half term but I thought that some of you might still like some work to do. There is no expectation that you complete any of this but it is there if you would like to.

Spellings: Adverbials of time

  • yesterday
  • tomorrow
  • later
  • immediately
  • earlier
  • eventually
  • recently
  • previously
  • finally
  • lately

Daily maths challenge:

Mon: Harry and 5 of his friends went to a music gig. They paid £54.00 in total. How much did each ticket cost?

Tue: I have a 600g box of rice. I pour 1/3 of the rice into bowl A. I pour ¼ of what is left into bowl B. How much rice is left in the box?

Wed: There is 350g of flour in a bag. How much flour, in kilograms, is there in 20 bags?

Thu: A train is due to arrive at the station at 16.45. It is running 37 minutes late. What time will it arrive?

Fri: Melons cost 72p. There is a buy one, get one half price deal on. How many melons can you buy with £8.00?

Science: Living things and their habitats

Watch some online footage of insect and amphibian lifecycles to help create your own life cycle illustrations for display.

You could try creating a habitat for your choice of insect and amphibian so that you can observe them over time.

Describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.

Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.


Research the punishments for child criminals in Victorian Britain.

Look at the following examples of child crimes and their punishments. Do you think the punishment fits the crime? What sort of punishment would a child receive for the same, or similar, crimes today?

Jim Westbury, 13, was given a whopping six months of hard labour and five years at a reformatory school for stealing corn and hay.

George and Joseph Green – brothers who were aged 12 and 14 respectively – were each given one month hard labour for stealing a bag containing bread and butter. The siblings were also sentenced to four years in the reformatory school – a nineteenth century juvenile prison where stiff discipline was enforced with frequent beatings.

*Remember to also read and practise your times tables daily and regularly complete activities on Education City.

Have a lovely half term

Mrs Duncan

‘Mary Had a Small Lamb’ by Heidi

I received a lovely email from Heidi today who has been filling me in on some of the exciting things she has been up to with her family. Heidi has received a Blue Peter badge which is a fantastic achievement – Congratulations Heidi! Heidi tells me that she has been reading ‘Beast of Buckingham Palace’. Let us know what you think of it when you finish it Heidi or, even better, write a book review. I can post your review on our class page and hopefully someone else will be inspired to read it. Heidi has also completed the ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb Challenge’ and I am very impressed with her work  – you did far better than I did Heidi!

Keep up the good work and keep smiling.

Mrs Duncan 🙂



‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ by Eliza

This is amazing Eliza! I thought that some words might be impossible to replace but you proved me wrong!

You could now challenge yourself by choosing a different vowel to omit from the same nursery rhyme or attempt the same vowel with a different nursery rhyme. Let me know how you get on – I have high hopes based on this attempt!

Well done Eliza and keep smiling

Mrs Duncan 🙂


A Poem for Class 5

Hi Class 5,

I tried my hand at a bit of poetry today – I hope you enjoy it (get your tissues ready Lola!).

I hope you all have a good half term and make the most of what you are able to do at this strange time.

Keep smiling, stay safe and be kind to each other.

Mrs Duncan 🙂

A poem for class 5

Our time in class 5 has been cut short

I miss the lessons that will never be taught

I miss writing ‘no fussing’ each morning on the board

A message that some of you clearly ignored (you know who you are!)

But most of all I miss each and every one of you

My funny, brilliant class of 32


I miss the amusing things you say

Alfie asking to go to the toilet 500 times a day!

The tittle-tattling and tale telling

The falling out, bickering and yelling

But most of all I miss each and every one of you

My clever, incredible class of 32


I miss the challenge of getting changed for PE

The endless counting down from 3 (it’s actually 5 but that doesn’t rhyme with PE!)

The injuries and drama during bench ball

The scraped knees, bumped heads and dramatic falls

But most of all I miss each and every one of you

My amazing, remarkable class of 32


I miss the classroom buzz and natter

And listening to your excited chatter (even Taylor’s terrible jokes!)

I miss the stories you share with me each day

The brilliant things you have to say

But most of all I miss each and every one of you

My wonderful, inspirational class of 32


I miss watching you mature and grow

Becoming more confident in what you know

I miss your laughter and the fun we had

The empty classroom seems so sad

But most of all I miss each and every one of you

I hope to see you soon, my class of 32



More Fantastic Work

I received a lovely email from Rhys on Tuesday. He told me about some of the amazing work he has been doing with his mum. He is absolutely smashing his times tables with a score of 200/200!

Here is some of the fantastic topic work Rhys has completed. I think having my hand or nose cut off would definitely make me think twice about stealing!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful research Rhys and keep up the good work.

I am very proud of you.

Mrs Duncan 🙂