A few more ideas…

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

At the beginning of each week the centre will be uploading new crafts and activities to their Spring Activities page. Here is the link for this weeks activities:


Nurture Store

Lots of activity ideas and printable pages on this site.


Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets is a great resource that we use in school to follow the White Rose Scheme of work. They have just released FREE home learning packs which may be useful (I have had a quick look at these and there seems to be some fantastic activities to keep the children busy!)



There are some lovely colouring pages to download for free on this website:


Learning Resources

This site has lots of FREE home learning resources to explore covering Maths, Literacy, Coding, etc.


Reading Apps

Lots of reading apps are available online:



Some fab ideas on here and an example of a daily timetable for home learning.


Please do not feel under pressure by anything I am posting. These are just some ideas of activities and websites that I thought I’d share!

Best wishes

Mrs Edwards


A few ideas and inspirations I have come across…

I’m often scrolling through lots of posts online and come across some nice ideas, which I am sure you are also doing but thought I’d post a few that I have seen.

Scavenger Hunts

Art Ideas




Home Learning Week 2 – WC 30.3.20

I hope you are all keeping safe and well, I am very much missing Squirrels class!

A few ideas for this week:


Alternative pronunciations for ow e.g. low, slow, show, window, bowl, grow, tow, how, growl, down, gown, brown.

Practise reading ‘again’ and ‘different’ and practise spelling the words one, make, here (high frequency words).


Our topic this term is ‘Toys in the past and present’ –  there are many ideas on the internet to follow this topic and Twinkl have plenty of resources for you to use if you’d like to continue learning about this theme.


It’s great to see many of you have accessed Education City! I can see who has completed activities on here so will keep an eye on it to post more resources when needed. Please also visit White Rose Maths which is the scheme of learning we use in class




Any reading or writing that can be completed during your time at home is extremely beneficial! Please read, read, read! When writing, please ensure you are remembering your basic writing skills – capital letters and full stops, neat (precursive) handwriting, adjectives, conjunctions and, but and because and always read your work back regularly to check that it makes sense.

Missing you all very much! Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Edwards

Home Learning

Dear parents and carers,

I appreciate that this is a difficult time and will try very hard to support the children with supplying as many home-schooling resources possible. I will be posting any details and information on our class page about Phonics and any other activities that we would have carried out in class or that I think will be useful for the children to complete while at home in the upcoming weeks. I have supplied the children with a red home learning book today to record any work they wish to complete, as I am sure you can imagine printing many worksheets for each child is very difficult. Any work you wish to use that is set on Education City can be copied from the computer into the red book or printed at home if you prefer.

Reading Books

The children have all been given two reading books (linked to their phonics phase) and an additional book to read of their choice. Please encourage as much reading as possible and lots of other texts can be read to keep up their progress e.g. books at home, magazines, comics, etc.

Phonics – Letters and Sounds

Squirrels class complete Letters and Sounds lessons everyday and are currently learning the alternative pronunciation of ‘u’. Please find attached the order in which phonics is taught in our school and the letters and sounds official book as a PDF. The PDF gives all of the rules for the sounds and different ideas for games.



It will also be useful for children to stay familiar with letters and sounds phase 3, 4 and 5 as we refer to and use these sounds daily during guided reading and literacy lessons. Below are some sound mats, flash cards and key words to help you with this, as well as my previous post.

Phase 2 – 5 Tricky Words Phase 3 Sound mat Phase 5 Flash Cards Phase 5 Sound mat

The Twinkl website and phonics play is free to parents at the moment and has many activities and games to support children’s learning:



Education City

The children have all been given their Education City login details in their reading records (any children absent – I have tried to send these home and their red books with children who live nearby to pass on, please could you check your children’s bags in case you have an additional one of an absent child). I have posted plenty of Maths, Literacy, Phonics and Science activities for your children to be working through online. I have posted a lot as I know every child works at a different pace but there is no expectation for children to complete them all in a set amount of time. I can see when they have been completed so I can add more when needed. Please feel free to also explore the website freely and complete any other activities in other curriculum areas.

Other useful websites

This brilliant ebook website is currently free. It has a great range of fiction and non fiction books for children to access:


I hope this is helpful and I will try to do my best to support in any way I can.

Best Wishes

Mrs Edwards

World Book Day

Phonics WC 24.2.20

This week we will be focusing on sounds:

  • with a soft and hard c e.g. cat, cold, city, ice.
  • with a soft and hard g e.g. get, got, gem, gym.

Tricky words to recap are who, because, out, made and came

We have had a great first day back! The children have enjoyed drawing and describing their favourite toys to their friends.

Challenge: Before next lesson (next Monday), the children have been challenged to ask an older person at home or at school what they used to play with when they were younger. I have suggested that they make a note of this or take a picture to remind themselves to share with the class in Monday’s session. 

Kind regards

Mrs Edwards

New Topic – Toys

This term our new topic will be Toys – Past and Present.

The children will have an introductory lesson tomorrow afternoon – to start off our topic I’d like the children to bring in their favourite toy to show to the rest of the class (this must be a size which fits into their lockers please). We will have a show and tell activity at the beginning of the lesson – please do not worry if your child forgets to bring in their toy, they can describe it to us as we will be writing descriptions later in the lesson.

I hope you have all had a relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning!

Mrs Edwards