Hedgehogs Classroom


We have busy in Hedgehogs organising our classroom to suit all of the children in our class. Because of this, our classroom has changed slightly since you all came in with your children at the beginning of the year.

I thought you might like to see the learning areas for your children, so here are some pictures of our updated, everchanging space!

Miss Davies 🙂

Spring Term


We have had such a fantastic few weeks back to school, and we are very happy to see the sunshine for our final week before a break.

I thought you would like to see some of the things we have been up to in Hedgehogs class over the last few weeks.

If you would like your child’s book changed for Easter please bring their reading folder in tomorrow (Thursday 1st April)

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and I will look forward to seeing you all on the 19th April!

So many photographs to share, I hope you enjoy the few I have chosen!

Miss Davies 🙂

Y1 Spellings- Spring 2- Week 5

This week our sounds we have learnt are ‘er’ better letter, ‘ow’ brown cow, and ‘ai’ snail in the rain.

There are 9 spellings using our sound and a focus tricky word to practise.

  1. brown
  2. flutter
  3. nail
  4. writer
  5. now
  6. complain
  7. jumper
  8. crown
  9. sail
  10. are

Remember, you can practise these in whichever way you would like.

Have fun!

Year 1 Homework- Spring 2- Week 4

I decided to give the children a week off homework last week as it was such a change for them returning to school.

This week is a Maths focus for homework.

Something that the children are struggling to do is recognise 2D shapes and identify simple properties like sides and corners.

This week we will focus on 2D shapes.

Here is a worksheet to practise this.

Y1 Maths Homework

If you would like to turn this into a shape hunt at home or around your local area that would also be a good way of remembering the names of the shapes.


Miss Davies 🙂

Our First Week Back Together!

We have had such a lovely week back in Hedgehogs class. We started our week with International Women’s Day and we celebrated by learning about one of the most important Women in our country- the Queen! We learnt all about her life, and worked together to create some lovely posters about her.

We have been busy working hard to show off how amazing we are at our phonics, writing and maths work, which will continue through to next week. I am so impressed with how much the children have remembered and are able to apply on their own.

We also had a science day, we started the day by thinking about what we think a scientist looks like and we each drew a picture. We discussed this and spoke about how anyone can become a scientist.

We then looked at the new Mars Rover ‘Perseverance’ and talked about how they have used a drill on the machine to dig into the ground on Mars to find things and explore the planet in more detail. We then had a go at digging in our own sand, and chose which tool we would like to use. We recorded what we found in pictures.

We also had a go at making and designing our own machines in small groups, focusing on this years Science Day theme ‘Innovators of the future’


Well done to all of you for an amazing first week back as a full class. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday,

Miss Davies 🙂

Book Bag Note

Dear parents,

Due to the children only returning this week, we have had a week of activities and small assessments to see where the children are with their learning. This means that I have not yet been able to group the children into new reading groups. Because of this, books or Ditty Sheets will not be able to to be sent home today, but on Monday instead. Please can I request that you all remember to bring in book bags and reading folders in on Monday 15th March and then continue with Fridays from then on.

Your child’s reading folder is used to hold any books, Ditty Sheets, homework or notes that are needed to be send home, which is why it is so important that these are sent in weekly.

If you have any queries or issues, please let me know.

As well as this, I would like to remind you that your child is now able to bring a small bag or book bag to school daily to take any worksheets or other things home with them, so they don’t have to carry it all, if you would like them to.

Have a good weekend,

Miss Davies 🙂

A new beginning!

Dear Parents/Carers,

I wanted to write a quick post to say a huge thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into home schooling and working with your children away from school. It is recognised and appreciated.

We are all so excited to see the children we have been missing for so long on Monday and I’m sure the children are all excited to come in.

I wanted to reassure you that I am aware some children may be feeling anxious or nervous coming into school after such a long time. We will be ready and smiling on Monday morning and have some lovely activities planned to settle us back into school slowly!

Just a few reminders before we return as a full class:

  • Tuesday is our P.E. day, now taught by P.E. teaching professionals from an outside agency that come into school. They are amazing and the children have loved them so far. Your child is required to come into school wearing P.E. kit on this day.
  • On Fridays, please bring your children’s bookbags into school so we can check if they have read 3 times a week (for our reading rocket rewards) and give them a new book/ditty sheet to take home and any homework (Year 1s).
  • Hand sanitiser is provided by school so there isn’t any need to bring in your own from home.
  • There are allocated lines for each class, so if you could, please remain in our class line at the end of the day so that we can ensure a safe distance is maintained and the children are released safely each day. Please be patient with me releasing them in this way, it may take a little longer than in ‘normal’ times!
  • I am always here to help, if you ever have anything to ask or tell me, both in the mornings and after school, just ask!
  • We now have a class email, so please email this if you ever have any queries or worries if you are unable to speak to me in person. It is hedgehogs@shawburystmarys.co.uk
  • Start time is 8:50am in our class and the children will be released at 3:10pm.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

See you on Monday!

Miss Davies 🙂