Nursery update

Hello Nursery,

Well this is the final nursery update of the school year, and what a fantastic time we have had. I would just like to say a heartfelt goodbye to all of my nursery leavers, I will miss you all very much, but know how ready you are to go up to your new classes and continue on your school learning journey.

This week as well as concentrating on keeping very cool with lots of water play, the children have been finishing off our topic of jungle by practicing cutting skills making a curly snake, they have enjoyed some relaxing yoga with swish the fish and played some fun board games working on cooperation and taking turns.

In literacy we have been having extra story time with books chosen by the children and they have had pictures of their own choice placed in the writing area for them to colour and write their important letter formation on.

From everyone in nursery we would like to wish you a happy and relaxing summer holidays and we look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 6th September.

For the children that are staying with me our topics for the Autumn term are ‘Nursery Rhymes’ and ‘All About Me’, So lots of exciting learning ahead!

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery Team xx


Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

Well what a super last full week of the term!

We have been blessed with some lovely sunshine which has complemented our jungle and rainforest theme perfectly. The children have loved playing hiding and seeking the  jungle animals in the nursery garden, They have played in the water tray pretending it was a watering hole and they have moved like animals in PE and yoga.

In literacy our story book of the week is ‘Dear Zoo’ the children have designed their own favourite animal that they wanted for a pet from the zoo, and they have made their own flap books using characters for the story.

In Maths this week we have been discussing locations of the jungle animals using mathematical terms like, ‘In front of’ and  ‘Behind’, and sorting and sizing objects.

We also has a visit from the animal man to finish off our topic, which was amazing! all the children loved the snakes and tarantulas, I’m just hoping none of them ask you for one as a pet.

Please enjoy some photo’s from the week.

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery team x


Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

Well what an exciting week, the move up sessions were a success, I am  super proud of how all my nursery children were so confident in their new classes and they all told me  ‘It was good’ with a thumbs up.

Back in class the children have really been embracing our topic of Jungle and rainforests, the children have looked at rhyming words like in the story, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ they have following two and three part instructions in our structured themed rainforest activities, really focusing on concentration of the task ready for reception.

They have painted their own hands for their monkey pictures. Roleplayed a jungle using small world resources, working together with their friends, extending their imaginative play.

In yoga this week the children went on a safari and in PE we introduced a new parachute game, but the children preferred the old games especially ‘The Mushroom’.

In maths we have been looking at repeated patterns using jungle themed snake skins, the children then attempted to designed their own and in literacy we have been continuing to focus on different parts of a story and developing their phonological awareness by spotting and suggesting rhymes.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week.

Many Thanks,

Your nursery team x


Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

This week in nursery the children have become RAINFOREST EXPLORERS! They have been looking at where the Amazon rainforest is on the world map, what different animals and tribes live there, and also how important the rainforest is to our environment.

They have created a rainforest inspired tuff tray hiding animals under shredded green  paper and sand, then they have been noting what they have found by writing the initial sound of the animal and drawing a picture of it. They have made their own binoculars ready to go on a animal spotting rainforest hunt and they have made lion pictures using cupcake cases.

In PE this week the children did jungle yoga and we played parachute games in the hall trying to free the jungle lion and monkey.

In maths the children have been looking at size and weight of jungle themed objects. In science the children have had a go at coding and in literacy the children have been looking at rhyming words and the different purposes print can have.

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Many Thanks

Your Nursery team x

Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

This week has been such an exciting week. We started with sports day practice on Monday and then the actual sports day on Tuesday morning which was amazing! I can’t say enough how proud I am of all my nursery children.

Topic wise we have continued with our focus story ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ In science the children have looked at objects that float and sink, like Max from the story sailing in his boat, In percussion time the children have made a wild rumpus with the musical instruments like Max and the wild things on the island, and in literacy the children had a go at sequencing the story using pictures that they had drawn themselves.

In PE because it was so warm the children decided they would like an outdoor session so we went exploring around the big playground and forest school and in our final session of Diddi dance for this term, the children put all their salsa dance moves together that they had learnt and even used their home made fans within their dancing.

Please enjoy these pictures from the week.

Kind Regards, Your Nursery team x

Sports Day

Hello Nursery,

Can I just say a huge well done to all the nursery children who ran their races today. They have all been practicing really hard over the past week and they were so excited and proud to show you how well they can do, I think you can agree they were all amazing, not only in their races, but sitting patiently, getting ready for their next race in the waiting square and cheering on all their friends, you should all be so proud of them, I know I am.

Here are a few pictures from this morning.


Weekly Update

Hello Nursery,

This week the children have been enjoying our new topic of the term, ‘Wild Things (Jungle) and Rainforests’

We have centred this weeks planning around our story of the week ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, the children have been busy talking all about their feelings.

In literacy they have drawn their own feely monster and wrote key words about them. They have recreated the story in the water tray using props from around the nursery, they have made their own wild thing paper plate mask using materials of their choice and in science they have had to learn and remember simple coding to direct our class robot around the floor to different wild things masks.

In wild thing themed Maths the children have enjoyed a magical memory game using key objects out of the story, they had to remember the covered objects on the tray and shout out which ones the magical wand had made disappear. they have also been size ordering the monsters, looking at monster capacity and repeated patterns using the coloured bears.

In PE this week the children have be busy practising their races ready for sports day and they also enjoyed Diddi-Dance with Svenja continuing to learn more salsa moves.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week.

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery team x


Decades Week, 1950’S

Welcome Back Nursery,

This week back has been our decades week, Nursery has been looking at the 1950’s. The children have really enjoyed this week, they have been lucky enough to have Reverent Rich into school to rein-enact the Queens coronation that was originally performed in 1952, They have looked at food that was popular in the 1950’s from spam to evaporated milk, Yummy! They have interpreted the collage art that was popular back in the this era by making a Queen themed picture, and in the tea party today they danced to the music that was popular back in the 1950’s and they all loved Elvis Presley.

In literacy our story of the week was Paddington at the Palace, which was very popular as many of the children had actually watched Paddington bear in the palace on the television at the weekend.

In Maths the children enjoyed Jubilee themed maths activities, and in phonics the children were recapping all the sounds learnt so far and looking at the correct formation of  m, a, s, d, t while reciting the rhymes in their writing.

Next week we will move onto our new exciting topic of the term, ‘Wild things’ so lots of monster themed activities to come. Can I please ask everyone to come with trainers next week as we will be doing some sports day practice throughout the week.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week,

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery Teamx


PE Day

We no longer have Passmaster to deliver our PE lessons on a Wednesday and Thursday morning. This will change our PE day to the Wednesday Morning only, but it will be a longer session.  Please still come to school in full PE kit on this day, and entry time no longer needs to be 8.50am just normal nursery opening hours of 9am.

Many Thanks.


Weekly update

Hello Nursery

Well what a lovely last week before we have our half term break.

This week we have been looking at our focus story of the week ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and comparing the story to our class room caterpillars which have now attached to the lid of the cup and become chrysalides.

The children have loved listening to and acting out the story, they have made a Hungry Caterpillar of their own using their handprints, they really enjoyed feeding the hungry caterpillar using their gross motor skills trying to get the food into the caterpillars mouth, they have also trusted their senses in a game of GUESS WHATS IN THE BOX? where the children had to focus on their sense of touch to work out what food from the story was in the box. Finally they all had a super last day with the jubilee celebrations organised by the parent fundraising group.

In PE this week the children listened really well to Harry and his team and they also enjoyed their last country dancing session in Diddi-dance as next term they will be learning salsa!

In Maths this week the children have been fingerprint caterpillar counting, sorting objects and creating symmetrical butterflies.

In phonics this week we have been looking at the sound ‘x’ and introducing some special friend sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ while also having ago at blending some simple words in Fred talk like, m-a-d, s-i-t, c-a-t and s-a-d. Amazing work everyone!

Please enjoy some pictures from this week and enjoy your half term break!

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery team x