Free Tennis

Hi everyone,

This week Years 5 & 6 had the opportunity to enjoy a taster session in tennis delivered by LTA coaches from The Shrewsbury Club Tennis.

The Shrewsbury Club Tennis are offering FREE tennis sessions to children THIS Sunday (16.5.2021) at Monkmoor Recreation Ground for children between the age of 4-11.

To book on follow the Golden ticket or alternatively click the link below:

Golden Ticket

Many thanks,

Mr Weaver

Summer Term

I have attached an overview of what we have already begun and will continue to learn about in Class 3 this term. The children have learnt lots about the Maya already and are really enthusiastic about our new topic ! Class 3 Topic plan

On Friday, I sent home a  Maya homework grid full of activities and tasks that the children can complete at home, similar to the Stone Age and Roman activity grids that I sent out during Autumn and Spring term. I love seeing what the children create 🙂 Here is a copy of the homework grid just in case it didn’t make it home.. Maya Homework grid

Class 3’s PE days will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday this term so please can the children come to school in suitable PE kits on both of these days. 

Thank you,

Miss Taylor 🙂

Get active and do your bit for the environment!

Dear all,

Just something a little different for children to take part in at home with their families as well as being active and doing their bit for the environment.

Follow the link for more information and where parents/guardians can sign up:

If you decide to sign up we would love to see pictures of you all participating, so please don’t forget to email your pictures to the school office.


Mr Weaver

End of Term

I just want to say thank you to all the children, parents and carers for making the transition back into the classroom as positive as possible. The children have been so resilient and have worked hard to settle back into school, let’s hope that it was the last time that the children will be separated during this school year!

On Thursday 1st of April (the last day of term), Class 3 will be having a treat day. In the afternoon we will be watching a film and having some snacks (these will be provided for the children so they don’t need to bring anything in). To mark the end of our Romans topic, I thought I would put on the horrible histories ‘Rotten Romans’ film. It is rated a PG so if any parents/carers do not consent to their child/children watching this film, then please let me know. Here is the trailer to the film if you would like to have a look – 

If any of the children would like a task to do over the holidays, it would be great to see what they could find out about the ‘Maya’, which will be our new topic when we are back at school. They could be creative about how they would like to present anything that they find out.

Thank you again,

I hope you have a restful Easter break with lots of sunshine ☀️
Miss Taylor

Return to school – 8th March

Hi all,

I hope you have enjoyed the final week of home learning and I can imagine you are all ready (including the parents and carers!) to return to school on Monday. We are so excited to have you all back and I am looking forward to welcoming your smiley faces back into Class 3 !Scared Corona Virus Character with Liquid Soap Bottle - Download Free  Vectors, Clipart Graphics & Vector ArtThe rules and routines in school are the same as they were before Christmas, We will be mindful of each other’s space within our classroom ‘bubble and the children will be regularly handwashing / sanitising throughout the day to help keep themselves and others safe 🙂

Pe Clipart Pe Equipment - Sport Balls - Png Download (#751302) - PinClipart


Our class PE day is on Wednesday. We are very lucky to have Passmasters in school to deliver our PE lessons this term. Please remember to come to school in suitable PE kit on Wednesdays.

Free Book Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

Please remember that reading books and diaries need to be handed in on Fridays, along with any homework pieces/projects that have been completed, they are then in ‘quarantine’ in school over the weekend and new reading books are sent home on Mondays.  Could the children please make sure that they bring their reading book, diary and any homework that they would like to show me, next Friday (12th). 

20 Genius Junk Modelling Ideas For Kids To Try | Play Like MumNext week we have some exciting days planned to help the children settle back into school life. On Thursday we are having a whole school STEM day based on ‘Innovating for the future’ as part of British Science week. For something that we are doing on this day, could each child please bring in 1 or more items that they could use for a ‘junk modelling’ activity in with them on Monday 8th, so that the items can be left untouched until Thursday.

Items such as small boxes, egg boxes, lids, cardboard, bottles, interesting containers, kitchen roll tubes etc (washed out if possible please) would be perfect for what we will be doing. 

Lastly, Thank you so much to all of the children, parents and carers for wonderful support and hard work during this very difficult period of time.

See you on Monday !

Miss Taylor

World Book Day Zoom

When is World Book Day 2021? | Metro News

This Thursday is World Book Day, in school we will be dressing up as our favourite book characters, please feel free to join our Zoom call dressed up as your favourite book character too so we can share some of this day together 🙂

I have organised a world book day quiz for the Zoom (as long as we have no technological issues) so get yourselves ready, there may be some prizes available…

Here is the invitation, please remember to stay on mute when you enter the Zoom so that we can hear each other as fairly as possible. Look forward to seeing you all for our last Zoom call before you are all back in the classroom 🙂

J Taylor is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Class 3 World Book Day
Time: Mar 4, 2021 01:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 920 1121 4510
Passcode: Class31

Home learning – Foundation subjects and Science – Wb 1/3/21

We are carrying on with our ‘Remarkable Romans topic this half term so the children can continue to choose tasks from their Roman activity grid (as little or often as they would like) to complete alongside their daily home learning lessons (Maths/Literacy/Foundation/Science)– The tasks on this grid are ‘optional extras’ for the children to do while they are at home, as normally I would be sending this grid home as homework. Here is the link to the ROMAN ACTIVITY GRID

As well as the Roman activity grid, I will still continue to post foundation subject and Science lessons for the children to choose from during the week.  At school, we would normally do Maths and Literacy in the morning and then a foundation subject or Science in the afternoon.

Free Toddlers Exercising Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart LibraryPE : Joe Wicks is doing new online PE lessons again during this ‘lockdown’ that will be available on his Youtube channel – The children can join in with these daily or weekly.

Also Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to create 10 minute activity games to get children moving – these are linked to popular Disney films and will count towards the children’s recommended 60 minutes a day of physical activity – Science | Brierley Hill Primary SchoolScience : The Science topic for the next few weeks is ‘Light’. Here is the next lesson for this unit on Oak Academy – This lesson looks at reflective and non-reflective materials and their uses and different types of reflection. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

arts and crafts clipart - Clip Art LibraryArt & Design: Please choose a creative Arts or design activity from the Romans activity grid or the children at school have been researching, designing and will be creating a miniature Roman chariot, perhaps the children at home would like to do this too?

Image result for pshe clipart

PSHE: The topic for PSHE this half term is ‘Emotions’. If you haven’t already, watching the film ‘inside out’ may be a good way to begin this topic.

This lesson is mostly about having a discussion with your child/children or between siblings about positive emotions and encouraging each other to think positively when things get a little difficult. Positivity is one of our whole school values so we aim for the children to adopt a ‘can do’ approach to learning and life skills. 

The children can have a go at creating a ‘positivity spin wheel’ if they would like to, see template – Positivity spin wheel


Image result for romans clipart

History: – This half term, the home learning History lessons will focus on the Romans. 

This week’s lesson is explores some of the reasons of how the Roman army became so successful. The Romans were protective, and wanted to keep what was theirs, theirs and what wasn’t theirs, theirs.

I would love to see what the children create, please send any work to

Thank you, Miss Taylor

Home learning – Literacy – Wb 1/3/21

Yellow Pencil Clipart Free PNG Image|Illustoon

For the next few weeks, our Literacy lessons will be based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii‘. A story about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in AD 79. Only recently, archaeologists have discovered a written inscription in Italy that suggests this memorable eruption happened around October 24th, rather than the once thought, 24th of August. How exciting to have found new evidence from such a long time ago! Here is a video of the story being read aloud, please watch the video at the beginning of Tuesday’s lesson . 

The story’s main characters are children named Livia and Tranio who lived in Pompeii. Although the characters are fictional, the tale is based on truth and tells the tale of what people living in Pompeii may have experienced on the day that the ‘gentle mountain’ erupted.

Monday – To plan the layout of my newspaper report 

Last week, the Literacy lessons were based on exploring newspaper reports and planning a newspaper report based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed the city of Pompeii in AD 79.

Following on from the planning of report paragraphs last Thursday, today’s lesson is to plan the layout of the report, including headings and subheadings.

Using this template – Newspaper report template you  need to:

  • Come up with a name for your newspaper (something that relates to Pompeii, Italy, volcanoes for example ‘ The daily Pompeii’
  • Decide on a catchy headline that would draw readers in. Reporters tend to use a range of writing techniques such as exaggeration (hyperbole) and alliteration (words beginning with the same letter) in their headings to catch the eye of the reader. Eg ‘Vicious volcano Vesuvius destroys city’ or ‘The gentle mountain turns into a deadly disaster’ 
  • Add subheadings to the template to show where each of your paragraphs will go.  The paragraphs of information must be in CHRONOLOGICAL (time) order as this is a key feature in newspaper reports. Remember, subheadings must link to the paragraph’s content to give the reader an idea about what the paragraph will be about. E.g ‘A terrifying eyewitness account’ as a subheading must then lead to a paragraph that includes an eye witness account.


Tuesday –  LO: To write my newspaper report about Mount Vesuvius 

Using the report template that was started yesterday,(which should now have a Newspaper name, main heading and subheadings on it) the task today is to write your newspaper report onto the template.

Use your planned paragraphs from last week to ‘fill’ in the report template. Remember that there should be an introduction paragraph at the start of the report that includes ‘when, where, who and what’ information about what the report is about (eruption of Vesuvius). The rest of the paragraphs in the report should be in chronological order to tell the reader what happened when.


Wednesday – LO: To edit my Newspaper report 

Editing and proofreading is a very important part of the writing process, especially if you were a real newspaper reporter, you would want to make sure your report was perfect before it got published in a newspaper !

Follow these steps to edit your newspaper report:

  • Proof-read your newspaper report – proofreading means to read through and check for any errors in your text such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and checking that your sentences make sense and you haven’t missed or repeated any words.
  • Edit your report to improve it – You may have already done some editing during the proofreading step but take the time to go back over your report to check your spellings and see if you could improve any of the words that you have used. For example, could you change any adjectives to make them more powerful? Could you add any extra detail that would make it more interesting for the reader? Do your subheadings link to your paragraphs?


Thursday – LO: To finish my newspaper report 

Today your newspaper report should be finished ! Proofread it one more time to check for any errors.

Then, use this newspaper feature tick list –  Features of a newspaper check that you have included all the correct features that need to be included in a newspaper report – If you have missed any, can you add them in? 

Finish your report with a picture that is relevant to the report, perhaps a picture of Mount Vesuvius erupting or a picture of what Pompeii looks like now. Remember to add who the report was written by (you) if you haven’t already. Well done, you are finished ! Please send me your reports so I can have a look at them 🙂


Friday’s lessons every week will be for Free writing (children’s choice of how and what to write about) –  They could write a poem, story, recipe, list, diary etc. If any children would like a writing focus and haven’t completed them all already, then they can choose a Literacy task from their ROMAN ACTIVITY GRID.

Spellings – If you would like to continue with spelling practice at home, I will attach our spelling words – Year_3_Term_2B_Spelling_Overview[1]for this term.Free Book Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart LibraryReading It is world book day this Thursday (4th March) and I would like to encourage you to dress up at home as your favourite book character and join our Zoom call on Thursday so that we can share some of this day together (The invitation for the Zoom call will be posted later this week).

Until then, you could have a go at some of these book related challenges:

  • Turn an everyday object from home into a character or object from one of your favourite stories (for example, a pebble could become Harry Potter, or a wooden spoon could become the BFG)
  • Redesign the front cover of your favourite book – you can use this front cover template if you would like to – Design a book cover

Again, please send any work that the children complete or if you have any questions, please email

Thank you, Miss Taylor