Home Learning W/C 23.3.2020

Hi all, this week’s home learning plan is as follows;


On Education City I have uploaded a number of tablet friendly activities. Throughout the first week your child should focus solely on division.

Also, your child should choose a times table focus for the week, either 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x tables and recall/rehearse these daily. Useful websites for times tables are:




To write a newspaper report about; St Mary’s Primary School closing (This could be due to Covid-19, a dragon, aliens have landed etc). Children should focus on the features of a newspaper report; heading, quotes, 5 W’s, eye witness pictures and captions.

On Education City, there is a grammar folder. Your child is expected to complete two grammar activities throughout the week.


This week’s focus is the sound spelt ‘ou’;  country, young, touch, double, trouble, couple, courage, cousin, rough, tough.


Please read daily. This is a great opportunity for children to be reading aloud using expression and intonation.


To create an information booklet or powerpoint about the River Severn and The Amazon River.


For a fantastic workout, check out Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel; The Body Coach TV. In school today the children really enjoyed #PEwithJOE. You can join in live at 9am or catch up on his YouTube channel.


Mr Weaver



Read Write Inc

Hi all,

This weeks spelling focus is adding the prefix –inter.

interact, intercity, international, interrelated, interrelated.

This weeks spellings words are: every, pretty, Monday, after, floor, could.

Many thanks,

Mr Weaver

Read Write Inc

Hi all,

This weeks spelling focus is adding the suffix -ly. We have a new rule for adding –ly: If the root word has more than one syllable and ends in y, we have to swap the y for an i before adding ly.

Weird Word Warning:

If a word ends in –ic, we have to add the suffix -ally, ally, not just -ly.                              magic              magically.                                                                                          frantic              frantically                                                                                                   basic               basically

This weeks six jumping red words are: friend, eye, busy, prove, some, does.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Weaver



Hi all

This weeks focus is the prefix –a-u-t-o, auto. Let’s find out a bit more about auto-.

Auto means ‘self’ or ‘own’. It can be added to the front of some root words.




We can just add the prefix auto- to these root woods. There is no need to swap, double or drop any letters. Now let’s do My turn/Your turn again: autobiography, autograph, autopilot.

This weeks jumping orange words are: because, anyone, clothes, where, mother, children.

Many thanks

Mr Weaver

Read Write Inc

Hi all,

This week Class 4 will be focusing on; adding the prefix mis- and revising un-, in-, dis-.

mis-     match             mismatch

mis-     print                misprint

mis-     behave           misbehave

mis-     understand     misunderstand

mis-     lead                mislead

Also, this weeks six jumping red words are: son, two, would, path, through, child.


Mr Weaver