Year 6 news


I understand that some children found last week’s homework a little tricky. I encourage all children to attempt the homework set and to try their best. Where there is misunderstanding or mistakes, I can then structure the lesson plans to focus on the gaps in learning.

A really effective way to learn spellings is to read the word, cover it up while you write it down and then check to see if it’s correct. To help with language acquisition, please encourage your child to include their spelling in a sentence.

This week’s spellings

Year 6 Spellings 25.09.20
Ambitious synonyms: Adjectives
aggressive hostile
awkward obstinate
desperate frantic
disastrous calamitous
marvellous spectacular

Year 6 news

Welcome back to school and Year 6.

The first couple of weeks back in school have flown by and the children are starting to settle back into the routine of school and Year 6.

We are all working hard to catch up with some of the gaps in learning that have formed during the last  months. It was great to see some of the children had been working through the online work set during lockdown and how much of a difference that has made now they have returned to class.

We are excited about learning alongside your child and aim to involve you in their learning every step of the way. You may receive notes or ways to help us support in their learning.

Reading diaries will be checked as often as possible – please use these to note anything you want us to celebrate or check and please use them to comment on your child’s reading. However, under the current situation reading diaries will be coming home on a Monday to be returned to school on the following Friday.

I know how hard it is to find time and listen to children read; especially as they get older. However, especially in Year 6, we find that the greatest improvements to a child’s educational development and progress are made when they read frequently. The more you can read with your child, or encourage them to read independently, the better the chance they have of making good progress through school.


Class 6 have PE on a Thursday. The days vary from term to term, so we suggest that come dressed in PE kit appropriate for the weather.

Outdoor kit: Navy / Black shorts, Navy / Black joggers if cold, White T shirt, Warm jumper, black pumps and a shower-proof coat if it’s damp.


Spellings are handed out to the children on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday. They will be linked to the spelling rules which your child is learning that week. They may also have spellings from the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list.

It will really help your child to make excellent progress if you read nightly with them. Please take this opportunity to ask your child in depth questions about what they are reading. The children are encouraged to change books frequently, in line with how often they are reading.

The children will also have a piece of maths and Literacy/Grammar homework to complete that is linked to their studies from that week.

They will also have x tables practice for a weekly test each Friday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with Mr Chiverton, who will try and help you. We are really looking forward to learning alongside you and your children this year.

Mr Chiverton & Mrs Wills

Year 6 spellings w/c 18.09.20

Year 6 Spellings 18.09.20
correspond community
average identity
bargain especially
Wednesday lightning
curiosity privilege

Year 6 last day


Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the last weeks and months at home and also for all your great work at school over the last two years!

It hasn’t been the end to the term/year that I wished for but I am glad you are all safe at home. I know those of you who have been into school have been working hard. Being away from school myself has been difficult and I have missed you all so much!

I look forward to seeing you all when we can get together and celebrate your time at St Mary’s. I’ll be in touch with your parents to let them know when we can get back together.

Take care, stay safe and have a happy and fun summer break.

Mr Chiverton

End of Year 6


Unfortunately, with the current situation continuing, my post from a month ago still remains in place.

We have been looking at how we arrange some form of event to celebrate your time at St Mary’s. It is a sad and unfortunate situation with Year 6, but we are having to follow the Government’s guidelines.  We did assume, as the PM had stated, that the school would have a wider opening before the end of term, unfortunately this has not been able to go ahead.

I agree that the transition to Secondary from Primary is hugely important, the signing of T shirts, assemblies, trips etc. is remembered for a long time. I have spoken to both Miss Leech and Mrs Wills about the ‘reuniting’ of pupils and they had decided at the beginning of lockdown, that as many as possible of the Y6 traditions, including a trip, possible picnics, photographs, would go ahead when it is safe to do so. Rest assured that we will do our very best to ensure you has something to look forward to as soon as we are able to arrange it.

We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.

Have a great summer,

Mr Chiverton, Mrs Wills, Mrs Unsworth & Ms Crow

Thomas Adams Induction

We have received this information from Thomas Adams

Dear Parents, the Thomas Adams Year 7 Induction Day is confirmed for Wednesday 2nd September. Full and final details will be communicated with you during mid-August. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to meeting your child! In the meantime, please keep an eye on the school website at Best wishes, Mr Winter (Transition Coordinator, Thomas Adams School).