Recycle your christmas jumper stall

This year at the Christmas fayre we will be holding a recycle your Christmas jumper stall. If you have any unwanted or outgrown Christmas jumpers to donate to our stall please bring them to Ladybird class or to the main office anytime before Friday. They will be on sale at the fayre for £2 each.

Please note: Christmas jumpers must be in good, clean condition.

Thank you in advance

Mrs Owen

Year 6 homework

The children in Year 6 continue to work through a selection of maths, reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises.

This week the spellings are sh words spelled si or ssi. These include:

tension, permission, admission, profession, possession, revision, discussion, collision

Please encourage your child to read with you and ask them questions related to the text. I have noticed that a majority of the children are fluent readers but don’t understand a lot of the vocabulary. any help you can give them on this would be appreciated.

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week our spellings focus on the sh sound spelt ti or ci. These will include words such as; international, rejuvenation, ancient, misrepresentation.

The children also have a piece of grammar work and maths sheet to complete.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities. Should they find elements of it too tricky, please encourage them to try and complete it and I will work with them to complete the rest.


Mr Chiverton