Year 6 Home Learning March 26th

Good morning. I hope you are all well.

Keep on going with the Education City exercises. The web site have moved to a new server overnight so should now be a little faster.

I can see that some of you are starting a lesson and then either give up on it or achieve a low score. Take your time over it. I’ve taken the timer off to give you more time to look over it.

A few spelling patterns, some more French and some computing to have a go at today.

A little reminder for you all to stay safe. I know it’s really hard in the nice weather to stay away from your friends, but it’s important not to mix and socialise. Don’t be tempted to go round a friends or meet up down the park. We all need to do our part to keep this virus under control.

Keep smiling 🙂

Mr. Chiverton

Year 6 Homework

The children continue to work hard in all aspects of their work.

One area some are finding a little trickier is with fractions. I have produced a guide for the children to help them with solving the problems. If, for whatever reason, they are still finding it difficult to understand then feel free to look up any number of helpful videos online.

This week’s spellings are:

appreciate, average, criticise, curiosity, existence, foreign, immediate, individual, marvellous, prejudice, privilege, pronunciation, restaurant, secretary, sincerely, sufficient, thorough, variety, vegetable, vehicle


Mr Chiverton

Year 6 Homework and Spellings

The children in Year 6 continue to have homework that represents aspects of the SATs.

A number of children are either not completing their homework or are leaving a large number of questions unanswered. We are working with the children to develop their resilience. This involves encouraging them to read the question again, decide on what it’s asking and finding the answer from provided material (in the case of reading comprehension) or known methods. If your child is leaving questions unanswered or is making significant errors, please take the time to look over what they have completed and discuss any errors with them.

A few pieces of homework are illegible. Please support your child in providing a suitable environment for them to complete their work. If this proves too difficult, the children have the opportunity to have a look at their homework on a Wednesday lunchtime.

This week’s spellings are from the Year 3/4 curriculum list.

Actual, answer, believe, calendar, caught, circle, different, eighth, February, heard, increase, knowledge, library, occasion, particular, probably, purpose, quarter, separate, weight

Thanks again for your continued support.

Mr. Chiverton

Year 6 Homework

The children are continuing to work hard to wards their SATs this May. Could I encourage them to talk through their homework with you and for you to check it with them after they have finished. The children are also making errors with accuracy. Some of the questions involving line graphs had errors that could have been avoided it the children completed the task with a ruler and sat at a table.

I have attached a PDF of the presentation I gave to parents this week. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions linked to it.

SATs Presentation for Parents 2020

Spellings for this week are from the Year 3/4 spelling list

accident, actually, breathe, build, business, centre, continue, consider, experience, extreme, forwards, grammar, material, medicine, naughty, occasionally, opposite, preference, regular, strength

Year 6 Homework

Homework this week will continue with maths and reading practise. The children have also been given the two spelling lists that they should all know by the end of year 6. All the spelling patterns and words have been taught over the past four years. As the children are finding this quite daunting, I have selected twenty for them to concentrate on.

A number of children are rushing through their reading comprehension papers and are making significant errors. Please encourage your child to talk to you about their answers once they have completed their questions so that you can go over any areas  they have had difficulty with.

On Wednesday 12th February at 2:30 I will be holding a meeting for parents to pass on information about Sats. I hope to see you there.


Mr Chiverton

Year 6 homework

The children in Year 6 continue to work through a selection of maths, reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises.

This week the spellings are sh words spelled si or ssi. These include:

tension, permission, admission, profession, possession, revision, discussion, collision

Please encourage your child to read with you and ask them questions related to the text. I have noticed that a majority of the children are fluent readers but don’t understand a lot of the vocabulary. any help you can give them on this would be appreciated.

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week our spellings focus on the sh sound spelt ti or ci. These will include words such as; international, rejuvenation, ancient, misrepresentation.

The children also have a piece of grammar work and maths sheet to complete.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities. Should they find elements of it too tricky, please encourage them to try and complete it and I will work with them to complete the rest.


Mr Chiverton

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week the children have homework linked to determiners. Please encourage your child to read the guidance at the top of the sheet before completing the task.

The maths homework if linked to multiplying money.

Spellings this week include –

forgetting, forgotten, beginner, beginning, admittance, preferred, strumming, dropped, stopped, wettest, runny, sadder, admitted

Please encourage your child to practice their spellings. Last week’s scores were considerably down on previous weeks.


Thank you

Mr Chiverton

Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week the children will be looking at double negatives. If they aren’t sure what this means there is a detailed explanation at the top of their sheets.

We have recently been working on negative numbers. Too help the children with this, I would like them attempt the temperature change chart, plot the information on the graph and complete the associated questions.

The spelling focus this week continues to look at suffixes and, in particular, -less, -ful, –ness, -ment and -ly

We will be looking at a number of spellings including the words:

beautiful, deceitful, meanness, achievement, definitely, thoroughly, merriment, hopeful, flavourless, thoroughness, immediately and other words that follow thew same pattern.

Children will need to learn the process for adding the suffix and how to apply it correctly as they will be given 10 spellings out of a much larger list.

Please remember that on Tuesday the children are going to Pizza Express in Shrewsbury and will not need a dinner on that day.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the children will be working on their cycling skills. Whilst the people running it may have some spare bikes and helmets they can lend to children, it would be good if they could bring their own.


Thank you


Mr Chiverton


Year 6 Homework

This week’s homework involves a few fractions questions, some speech punctuation and the weekly spellings.

A reminder that children should make a good effort to try their homework without support. I’ve noticed that some children have found it difficult to understand the homework because they haven’t read the question carefully. Reading comprehension forms an important part of the curriculum and covers just about every lesson. If children read daily they tend to find it easier to read and understand the questions.

Thank you

Mr Chiverton