Weekly Update

Class 8 and 9 have worked very hard this week and I am sure you have been able to see just how hard they are working from seeing their books on parents’ evening. Thank you to everyone who came. It was great to speak to you about your child’s progress and comments in general.

In PSHE this half term we have been looking at how we interact with each other online and how this can sometimes be problematic.

For many of us, we see our online lives and offline lives as different, but children are growing up with technology and the internet and for them there isn’t a difference; online life and offline life is just life.

Technology can move at an extraordinarily fast pace and it can be difficult to know how to start talking to your child about what they’re doing online, who they might be speaking to or discussing the potential risks and issues.

Talking regularly with your child is the greatest tool to help keep them safe online. Talking regularly and making it part of daily conversation, like you would about their day at school, will help your child feel relaxed. It also means when they do have any worries, they’re more likely to come and speak to you.

But it can also be easy to become overwhelmed with the different technology, the language that children use, the huge number of games and apps which are available and the potential risks.

Whilst most children are responsible online, I have been made aware that some online conversations between the children are not always as pleasant as when they are talking face to face.

The age restriction for WhatsApp in the UK is 13. If children are accessing this app it might be worth while having a conversation with your child on how they are using the app. Some conversations are going to be more difficult than others, but it’s so important to have these open and honest conversations, so you can help your child with any worries or issues they might be facing online.

For example, if you’re worried they have seen upsetting, inappropriate or content, or perhaps being bullied. These more difficult conversations will heighten feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, shame and embarrassment.

Our Crime and punishment topic is proving popular as the children continue to explore different forms of punishment throughout history.

The children have continued their work in Science investigating light. Next week, and linked to this, the children will be exploring a range of more complicated switches as part of their D&T work.

To help with any misunderstanding regarding fractions I have included some video links on this weeks homework.

Homework week ending 01.04.2022

Have a good weekend,

Mr Chiverton, Mrs Duncan

Class 9 update


Our first week back has been a busy one as the two year groups have now spilt.

Year 5 will work for around 3 weeks with Mrs Duncan while Year 6 will be with Mr Chiverton. The plan is then to swap over for the second half of the half term.

Year 6 have been busy trying their hand a few past Sats papers. We also made a start on our RE work for the half term looking at Salvation on the lead up to Easter.

PE, this half term, will continue to be on Tuesdays with Jujitsu and Crossbar on Wednesdays.

Please remember that children should not be wearing jewellery to school. The only exception to this is ear studs which should be removed or taped for PE.

Please ensure you are reading as frequently a possible.

Homework is due in on Thursdays. If you haven’t been able to complete it or have got stuck then I will be able to help you during Friday lunchtime.

Homework week ending 04.03.22


Mr Chiverton


Class 9 Weekly Update


Once again, we have had busy week in Class 9. Along with all our usual work, we have also had a visit from the Dog’s Trust and have commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day. The children produced some creative and thought provoking poetry linked to this.

In PSHE we have been working on a St John’s Ambulance created scheme for children’s first aid. This week we concentrated on the initial response and the recovery position.

Our maths continues to focus on fractions and Literacy is developing our story writing skills.


Homework week ending 28.01.22

Mr Chiverton

Year 5/6 Homework


Unfortunately, there are issues with the photocopier and this week’s homework couldn’t be printed.

Please look below for your homework and complete it, as usual, in your homework books.

Yr 6 Homework week ending 5.11.21

Yr 5 Homework week ending 5.11.21

Have a good weekend.

Mr Chiverton & Mrs Duncan

Half-Term Homework


It’s been a busy half-term, and I’m sure you are all looking forward to a break.

For those of you who forgot to take home the homework today, please find it attached below.

Year 5 have the same spellings as last week to reinforce their knowledge.

Have a good break

Mr Chiverton and Mrs Duncan

Yr 5 Homework week ending 21.10.21 Yr 6 Homework week ending 21.10.21

Autumn Term in Class 8

I would just like to say welcome back to all the children at St Mary’s. It is lovely to see you all again after the long summer break.

Class 8 have settled in brilliantly and have had a fantastic start to the term! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children over the last few days, and I am very excited about all the fantastic things we have planned for this term.

Please find attached a copy of our curriculum map for this term which details what we will be covering in each subject. I am very excited about out topic and I hope the children are just as enthusiastic.

I will be setting homework each Friday and this should be completed and returned by the following Thursday. Each week, the children will be set a writing task, maths activity and spellings which will be linked to the spelling rule we have been learning that week. In addition to this, the children are encouraged to read at home at least three times a week. If there are any difficulties or concerns regarding the completion of homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Duncan

Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2021

Hi class 5,

YOU DID IT! you have come to the end of your home learning journey and you should all be so proud of yourselves. I am so impressed with your effort and hard work and you should all be very proud of yourselves too. I can’t wait to see you all back in class on Monday morning and hope that you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Here are your final home learning tasks:


Today, I would like you to write the final draft of your biography. This is your final version and should include all of the improvements and editing you completed yesterday; keep an eye on your handwriting and presentation too.

Focused Reading (explain)

Q1. Explain why the author called this chapter ‘A Lone Rider’. (chapter 10)

Q2. Explain why the author called this chapter ‘Lost Souls’. (chapter 11)

Q3. Explain why Magnus’ father was marrying Aldgyth. (chapter 12)

After this, reward yourself with some free time this afternoon – you deserve it!

See you all on Monday morning.

Mrs Duncan



Home Learning – Thursday 4th March

Hi Class 5,

Here is your home learning for today:


Today, I would like you to edit and improve the first draft of your biography. Remember to use the key features checklist to ensure you have included everything.

Focused Reading (infer)

Q1. Find and copy a phrase which shows Magnus is angry. (chapter 10)

Q2. Why do you think Magnus was so angry at the start of the chapter? (chapter 11)

Q3. Why do you think Morcar calls Magnus ‘boy’? (chapter 12)

EXT: Why do you think Magnus’ father’s smile faded as he saw him approaching the table?






Today I would like you to consider the following question – Was Edward the Confessor to blame for 1066?

We know that Edward died leaving no heirs and that more than one person felt that they should succeed him.

Read the information about the four contenders to the throne and complete the attached SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) sheet for each of them; try to be as concise as possible. After completing this, answer the question – Who do you think  think was the strongest contender for the throne?

Contender information

SWOT Sheet

After this, complete the activity below:

Was Edward to blame plenary activity

Thank you for your hard work

Mrs Duncan



World Book Day

Mrs Duncan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: My Meeting
Time: Mar 4, 2021 01:30 PM London

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Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Class 5,

Today’s home learning is as follows:

Arithmetic Test

Complete the attached arithmetic test under timed conditions. You are allowed 28 minutes to complete the test. When you have finished, ask an adult to help you mark your completed test.

Summer Test 2

Focused Reading (retrieval)

Q1. Where was Tostig when he sent the messenger? (chapter 10)

Q2. What was inside the fort? (chapter 11)

Q3. What was ‘banned’ at feasts? (chapter 12)

EXT: How was Aldgyth different to Magnus’ mother? (chapter 12)



Please complete the attached handwriting activity:

Handwriting unit 14

Spellings to practise this week:

Words with /or/ sound spelt ‘au’











 The spelling in bold appear on the year 5/6 spelling list.


I would like those of you at home to get outside (weather permitting) and do something active. If you are unable to get outside, you can do something indoors such as yoga, dancing or access one of Joe Wicks daily workouts.

Thank you

Mrs Duncan