Class 9 Weekly Update


What another busy week! With sports day, Father’s day lunch and the big break the children have had a lot to do.

We have also been continuing our work on drug and substance abuse. It was interesting to see how many children thought that the most reliable information on drugs could come from their friends or parents.

In Topic we have been creating our own biomes. It will take a couple of weeks but we hope to see our crop grow and survive in it’s own micro climate.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 24.06.2022.docx


Class 9 Weekly update


Year 5 have had another busy week as the sun shone.

In Literacy, we have started to look at persuasive arguments linked to advertising. The children have shown a good understanding as we have worked on persuasive writing earlier in the year when working on Charles Darwin.

Maths work has concentrated on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100 and 1,000. The homework this week is linked to this.

Science has continued our work on classification and has involved us identifying different arthropods and classifying them. We also had a look at microorganisms and we are trying to grow some mould in class.

Topic, this term, looks at Biomes. We will be attempting to create our own tropical biome in class – more to follow.

In music we have been concentrating on Theme and Variation. The children enjoyed creating their own variations of the same tune.

On Tuesday we have our sports day. We hope you can join us.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 17.06.2022

Decades Week Class 9


This week we have followed on from the Jubilee celebrations of last weekend. Each class had a decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign to focus on with class 9 working on 2010-2020.

We investigated what significant events took place during this decade and  technology that became available to the public. We also dedicated our focus reading and Literacy work on the same topic and created poems linked to the Jubilee celebrations. I maths, our work on decimals had a royal flavour. We also created some art work in which the children had to complete a portrait of her majesty. I’m sure you’ll agree we have some talented artists.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 10.06.2022

Class 9 weekly update

Well done Class 9 for another fabulous week! We have been doing lots of super learning this week.


We have been continuing our work on decimals and place value and have been working on problem solving linked to this.

Literacy: This week we have finished our work on information texts. It has been great to see such a diverse range of topics covered; from French Bulldogs to Rael Madrid.

Geography/Design and Technology: Following on from our look at global trade, we had a food tasting session with some slightly more exotic foods from around the world. Whilst passion fruit seemed quite popular the same can’t be said for ginger and coconut.

Science: We have been exploring our local biodiversity and looking at the range of living things that can be found on our doorstep.


Reading and homework:  Please read with your child three times per week at home and bring reading books and records into school everyday. Could you encourage your child to complete their homework in the book and not on the printed sheets. Thanks.

Please return homework on a Thursday so it can be marked and new homework issued before the weekend.

When we return from half-term holidays we will be spending a week on activities linked to the Queen’s Jubilee. Class 9 will have a focus on the last decade of Her Majesty’s reign.

I hope you have a lovely break!

Mr Chiverton


Homework week ending 26.05.22

Year 5 weekly update

It’s been another fantastic week in Year 5.  Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:


We are currently working on an information text, which we have almost finished. Today, we focused on modal verbs and how they can be used effectively.

In Maths we continue our work on place value and the use of decimals when adding and subtracting.

In computing we looked at BBC Microbits and programmed them.

Have a good week.

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 20.5.22


Class 9 Weekly Update

Year 5 have been busy working on recognising how to compose information texts. It’s interesting to see how tricky it can be to leave opinion out of a factual text.

In maths we have focused on decimals and have started to add decimals up to three decimal places.

Our science work continues to look at classification. The biodiversity of our flower beds provided a rich source of material for us to investigate and record.

We investigated the production of some items of cotton clothing whilst exploring primary, secondary and tertiary stages of production. The children were surprised to find that cotton picked in Peru and bauxite mined in Suriname would go through a production route that included India and Turkey before ending up on our backs.

In PE we have been practising our athletic and cricket skills ahead of Sports Day.

In PSHE it was interesting to see how the children interpreted the term drugs. We looked at the risks of smoking, caffeine, vaping, cannabis, amphetamines and others. It was good to see how the children responded in an open and mature way.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 13.05.2022

Weekly overview


Hi all,

It has been a busy first week back to school after the Easter break and my return from injury.

We have now started our half term topic – ‘Global Trade’

We will be looking at how Global Trade has developed over the years and linking it with our Design and Technology and our Maths. We will also be writing information texts linked to the topic.

Please find attached our overview for the term, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

PE for this half term will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for these two days.

I hope you have a good long weekend.

Mr Chiverton

Homework week ending 29.04.22

Topic Overview Summer Term 1 Global Trade

Weekly Update

Class 8 and 9 have worked very hard this week and I am sure you have been able to see just how hard they are working from seeing their books on parents’ evening. Thank you to everyone who came. It was great to speak to you about your child’s progress and comments in general.

In PSHE this half term we have been looking at how we interact with each other online and how this can sometimes be problematic.

For many of us, we see our online lives and offline lives as different, but children are growing up with technology and the internet and for them there isn’t a difference; online life and offline life is just life.

Technology can move at an extraordinarily fast pace and it can be difficult to know how to start talking to your child about what they’re doing online, who they might be speaking to or discussing the potential risks and issues.

Talking regularly with your child is the greatest tool to help keep them safe online. Talking regularly and making it part of daily conversation, like you would about their day at school, will help your child feel relaxed. It also means when they do have any worries, they’re more likely to come and speak to you.

But it can also be easy to become overwhelmed with the different technology, the language that children use, the huge number of games and apps which are available and the potential risks.

Whilst most children are responsible online, I have been made aware that some online conversations between the children are not always as pleasant as when they are talking face to face.

The age restriction for WhatsApp in the UK is 13. If children are accessing this app it might be worth while having a conversation with your child on how they are using the app. Some conversations are going to be more difficult than others, but it’s so important to have these open and honest conversations, so you can help your child with any worries or issues they might be facing online.

For example, if you’re worried they have seen upsetting, inappropriate or content, or perhaps being bullied. These more difficult conversations will heighten feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, shame and embarrassment.

Our Crime and punishment topic is proving popular as the children continue to explore different forms of punishment throughout history.

The children have continued their work in Science investigating light. Next week, and linked to this, the children will be exploring a range of more complicated switches as part of their D&T work.

To help with any misunderstanding regarding fractions I have included some video links on this weeks homework.

Homework week ending 01.04.2022

Have a good weekend,

Mr Chiverton, Mrs Duncan

Weekly Update Class 9


Another busy week in Class 9 has seen the children thinking about and considering some areas they might not have given much thought to in the past.

In Literacy we have continued our work linked to our class text – High Rise Mystery- in which a couple of sisters are investigating the mysterious death of their art teacher.


This week, we supported World Down Syndrome Day. We learnt what Down Syndrome is and discovered that, while there are some differences in children with Down syndrome, there are many similarities too. We looked at, and discussed, a range of statements about Down Syndrome and decided whether they were true or false. To conclude, we talked about why it is important to be aware of what Down Syndrome is and what we could do in the school and wider community to include people with Down syndrome.


We have just been finishing off a block on fractions and have made a start on looking at decimals. This can lead to some misunderstanding around place value, but I’m confident that the children will have this mastered before long.


We continue to look at the subject of light and, in particular, how it travels and what happens when it’s path is blocked.


Homework week ending 25.03.2022

I hope you are able to make the most of the nice weather. Have a good weekend,

Mr Chiverton

Weekly update


It was another busy week in Class 9 as the children have been carrying out assessments on their learning.

Our Science work on light has started as the children recalled what they remembered from covering the subject in Year 3. We will be considering how light travels and the effect it has when it hits objects of different opacity.

From the feedback I’ve had, the children enjoyed helping out with the cake sale this week. What a great way to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.

We have noticed a few children are having difficulty with the concept of time. This is showing itself in reading an analogue clock and in recognising the difference between two times. Whilst time has been covered in class it is a tricky concept for some. If you have the chance at home it may be something you might like to work on with your child.

Homework week ending 18.03.21

I hope you have a good week.

Mr Chiverton