Year 6 Home Learning April 3rd


I’ve noticed that David Walliams is releasing audio books on his web page. Today’s is No No Noe! Click to listen:

You can also check out more of his work at

Another good resource is provided by Hamilton Trust. If you get a chance, have look at the relevant age group materials.

Education City today is:

Gorillas in the Mist and Bonus Round are for most of you with Hedgehog and Mouse and Scout Adventure for Theo.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Kahoot challenges from the past few days.

One last activity for you to try – if you have a dog that will let you.

Keep smiling.

Mr.Chiverton 🙂

Day 10 Challenge – Guest challenge

Your final challenge of this term has been set by Rev Rich.

Can you create something related to the Easter story for your windows?

Maybe a home-made stained glass cross (using coloured tissue paper) or a cracked-open Easter Egg, representing new life through Jesus.

Good luck and remember to take a photo of your completed challenges!

A few more ideas…

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

At the beginning of each week the centre will be uploading new crafts and activities to their Spring Activities page. Here is the link for this weeks activities:

Nurture Store

Lots of activity ideas and printable pages on this site.

Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets is a great resource that we use in school to follow the White Rose Scheme of work. They have just released FREE home learning packs which may be useful (I have had a quick look at these and there seems to be some fantastic activities to keep the children busy!)


There are some lovely colouring pages to download for free on this website:

Learning Resources

This site has lots of FREE home learning resources to explore covering Maths, Literacy, Coding, etc.

Reading Apps

Lots of reading apps are available online:


Some fab ideas on here and an example of a daily timetable for home learning.

Please do not feel under pressure by anything I am posting. These are just some ideas of activities and websites that I thought I’d share!

Best wishes

Mrs Edwards


A few ideas and inspirations I have come across…

I’m often scrolling through lots of posts online and come across some nice ideas, which I am sure you are also doing but thought I’d post a few that I have seen.

Scavenger Hunts

Art Ideas




Harry Potter

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has launched a brand new Hogwarts-themed website for children and parents hoping to give self-isolation a magical twist, promising everything from quizzes and puzzles through to ‘nifty magical craft videos’.

Users can start off by finding out which Hogwarts House they belong in as they register, before pretending they’re real Hogwarts students with ‘First Year Quizzes’, themed wordsearches and crosswords, guides on how to draw a Niffler and more.

Mr. Chiverton

Home Learning Tasks

Good Morning Year 4!

Please do not hesitate to send me a picture of the activities you have been doing. Whether it be literacy, maths, topic work or even an extra independent activity. I miss seeing your fabulous work!

A big well done to Rhona Davey-Aitken who has been whizzing through Education City, keep it up!

Remember, on Education City I can see what you are all doing! Including the questions you are getting correct or incorrect. Lots of you are quitting the task when you get a question wrong, please carry on testing yourselves and learn from your mistakes. You can always have another try to beat your score  🙂

Please send work to my email:

Take care!

Mr Weaver

Year 6 Home Learning April 2nd


I hope you are all well.

If you have been working through the Education City exercises, most come with 3 options: an on screen activity, a worksheet and an answer sheet. If you have a printer (and you want to print it out) then feel free to do so. I know a lot of you won’t have this option, so you can either stick to the online activity or try answering the questions on the worksheet without printing them out.

A little grammar and punctuation quiz for you today.

A little fun for you to try on your own or with another family member.

Keep smiling.

Mr.Chiverton 🙂