WeMatter – Victim Support

What is WeMatter?

WeMatter is a totally digital service providing specialist support to children
and young people aged 8–17 years old, who have been affected by domestic
abuse. WeMatter delivers the CYP Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit, which
covers a range of activities and discussions informed by Trauma Focused Cognitive
Behaviour Therapy. This group programme is designed to help children and young
people understand their own experiences, develop healthy coping strategies, increase levels of safety and achieve positive future relationships.


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Empower Trust Writing Competition

Congratulations to Bethan and Ella for their winning entries in the Empower Trust writing competition.  Prizes and certificates were also given to our runners up.
Examples of Year 2 independent writing below.



Dojo shop grand opening

A big thank you to Mr Creber (our very own celebrity) for opening the Dojo shop on Friday.
From next week the children will be able to spend their Dojo points in the shop using their very own Dojo debit card.

Message from the police

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The Police
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Tops Dogs turning up trumps

Schools across West Mercia are being decked out with a new card game which aims to be a tool for officers and children to engage with each other.

Top Dogs cards will be distributed by Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) to primary school aged children across all three counties in the force area – Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire.

There are 56 different trump cards to be snapped up, each featuring a different West Mercia Police dog with their statistics and a fun fact about the canine.

The aim is for children to collect all 56 cards – whether they approach an officer for a game of Top Dogs, or swap cards with their friends, but ultimately the aim is to have fun.

Superintendent Edward Hancox, Head of Prevention, said: “This is a fun tool for us to use within our communities, encouraging children to engage with officers and build positive relationships. Previous schemes have proven very popular.

“We are hoping these cards will be snapped up by primary schools or at community events; basically anywhere there may be children.

“Each SNT will have cards they can distribute amongst the area they serve. If you see our officers out and about please don’t be afraid to approach us and ask if we have any Top Dogs.”

How to play

Starting your collection:

  • Children will be given five or six cards by officers or PCSOs to get their deck started. Using their starter deck they can play a game of Top Dogs with their friends or even our officers and PCSOs.
  • There are 56 cards to collect, so children can even use them to swap with their friends, officers or PCSOs if they have a duplicate.


  • To win a card the player will select a category from their card; e.g, speed, strength or bark. Their opponent will then reveal the same category statistic from their card, and the player with the highest value in that category will then win that card.
  • The player who won the previous round can then start the next round by choosing a new category.

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Message from the police

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The Police
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Speed Checks in Shawbury

Wem Safer Neighbourhood Team have received a number of community concerns regarding Speeding in the area of Wytheford Road, Shawbury

As a result we have tonight monitored the speed of vehicles going through the area. Further checks will be made in relation to this concern

If anyone has any concerns about speeding in their area please speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.