Happy Summer Holidays!

Class 3 it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year! I cannot believe how lucky I have been to have such a wonderful class to finish with before maternity. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and constant smiles 🙂

Thank you for all of the generous cards and gifts and for spoiling me with gifts for the babies! It was a very emotional day yesterday saying goodbye to lots of little faces.

I hope you have a lovely, safe summer holidays and I will make sure I pop into school with the babies to say hello to you all.

Thank you again!

Lots of love and best wishes,

Mrs Edwards


Class 3 Weekly Update

Well done for a super week Class 3, it has been very warm but you have continued with your learning and always show such a positive attitude to everything you do!

Spellings: The children have been given the spellings ‘Adding s and es to words’ which can be found in their green files.

No other homework for this weekend 🙂

English: In English this week we have been writing a biography about Amelia Earhart. The children have found lots of interesting facts about her life, planned their biography and then taken their time to write it up neatly with a heading and sub-headings.

Maths: Year 1 children have been learning about money this week. We have been recognising coins and notes and understanding their value. We then moved on to counting money. Year 2 children have been measuring mass in grams and kilograms, comparing volume and investigating millilitres and litres.

Science: In Science we have been looking at the importance of exercise and sleep. We learnt how exercise helps us to grow and stay healthy, helps us with concentration and makes us have a positive self esteem. The children then made posters to encourage others to get enough exercise and sleep.

DT: The children made their dens in Forest School last week and this week we have been evaluating our dens. We thought about the questions: What went well? The challenges we faces, how we dealt with these challenges and what we would change if we were to build dens again. Well done Class 3!

Reading: Please could all reading books be returned to school on Monday. Please could you check at home that there aren’t any old books lying around that may have been forgotten about.

No new books will be issued as we would like to do an audit over the Summer holidays.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Edwards


Year 6 Enterprise

Please accept our apologies for the mix up with dates for the Year 6 Enterprise activities. The activities will be taking place at lunch time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and will be as follows:


Wednesday lunch time

Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00



Soak the student

25p for one throw

50p for two throws

75p for three throws

£1  for five throws

£2 for ten throws


Guess the number of sweets in the jar

1 guess for 50p

3 guesses for £1.00

5 guesses for £1.50




Thursday lunch time


Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00


Pokémon stall

The Pokémon card dip:

1 Pokémon card = 40p

2 Pokémon cards = 60p

3 Pokémon cards = £1

Who’s that Pokémon:

1 guess = 50p

2 guesses = £1

3 guesses = £1.50

Pin the Pokémon’s tail :

1 attempt =50p

2 attempts= £1.00

3 attempts = £1.50

Pokémon target throw:

1 throw with 3 Poke balls =£1



Friday lunch time


Guess the name of the teddy

1 Guess – 50p

2 Guesses – £1.00

3 Guesses – £1.50


Cake/sweet stall









Loom band sale

Wrist band: £1

Rings: 50p

Necklace: £1.50

Class 3 Weekly Update

Thank you for a fantastic week Class 3! You have shown just how resilient you are by confidently going off to your new classes to meet your new teachers and classmates. What an exciting time of year!

Spellings: Adding the prefix –un without any change to the spelling of the root word.

8.7.22 Spelling sheet

English: We have continued with Emma Jane’s aeroplane this week and have been identifying the rhyming words. The children were then challenged to write their own sentences containing rhyming words about the story. We have also thought about the characters thoughts and feelings at different times in the story.

Maths: Year 1 – This week we have been comparing numbers to 100 using the vocabulary ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’. The children have been given Maths homework this week to consolidate their learning on this.

Year 2 – Have been comparing durations of time to the nearest 5 minutes. They have been using the inequality signs < > and =. The children have been given Maths homework this week to consolidate their learning on this.

Forest School: The children had two forest school sessions this week to build their dens for D&T. We will be evaluating these next week and discussing things we could improve if we were to make them again.

Computing: The children are really enjoying their computing sessions this half term. We have been using the ipads to use the program Scratch. The children have continued to learn how to program their sprite to move forwards, backwards, turn and are now experimenting with the size of their sprite and the different backgrounds they can use.

Please could the children bring in a strong carrier bag or bag for life next week with their name on? I’d like to start collating the children’s books to send home in the final week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Edwards



Forest School

Please could the children bring appropriate footwear for an additional forest school session tomorrow (Wednesday 6th July). This is not a definite but would be great to have their footwear in school, just in case 🙂

Thank you!

Mrs Edwards

Class 3 Weekly Update

I would just like to thank all of the parents and carers who came to watch our little assembly on Tuesday afternoon. The children really enjoyed showing you their work from when we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee. We had the 1960s to study during the week and the children read out some of their newspaper reports about the first moon landing. We had some children share their timelines of Neil Armstrong’s life, we showed our Maths books of tally charts and bar charts of Class 3’s favourite toys from 1960 and songs and we read our ‘if I was Queen or King for the day…’. The children also shared their experience of a Baptism when Reverend Rich visited as Prince Andrew and Prince Edwards were baptised in the 1960s and we had our brooches for the Queen out on display.

For anyone who unfortunately couldn’t make it – I have attached the slides we shared in the background of our assembly which has some examples of the children’s work.

Power point for class worship

Spellings: New consonant spelling ‘ph’ and ‘wh’.

1.7.22 Spelling sheet

English: This week we have been planning and writing our own version of Emma Jane’s aeroplane. I am very impressed with the children’s imagination and so proud of them for linking in their previous learning. We have been changing the story slightly to make it our own and thinking of our own transport ideas and places Emma Jane can visit and which animals she finds along the way. The children have thought about previous learning on the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, our work on orangutans and even included their learning from this terms geography about the seven continents!

Maths: This week we have moved onto place value within 100. The children have been representing numbers to 100, partitioning numbers into tens and ones and comparing numbers using the inequality signs. Please see their green files on more work on this for homework.

Forest School: Please could all children bring in their wellies/old trainers for Forest School on Monday. If your child is wearing a dress/skirt/shorts/ please could you send in long joggers/trousers (preferably old) so that they can cover their legs from the nettles. I will provide waterproofs if it is wet on Monday however if it is dry we won’t need to use them.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Edwards


Class 3 Weekly Update

Well done for a great week Class 3!

Sports Day was a brilliant event and the children all showed great team work and collaboration! It was lovely to hear them all cheering for their team and friends.

Spellings: The vowel trigraph ‘ear’.

24.6.22 Spelling sheet

English: This week we have started a new story linked to our topic ‘Explorers’. The children have been enjoying Emma Jane’s aeroplane and we have read through it a couple of times. Now the children are familiar with it, it’s great to hear them joining in with the repeated phrases. We have recapped on the importance of capital letters for proper nouns and planned a diary entry. The children will start to write their diaries from Emma’s point of view next week.

Homework: I have given the children a SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) activity to complete in their homework files.

Maths: We have been learning about position and direction this week. The children have been giving each other instructions to follow a route using vocabulary such as left, right, forwards, backwards, etc. We have then looked at describing where an object is in comparison to another object e.g. the star is to the left of the triangle, the heart is above the sun, etc. The mathematical vocabulary we have focussed on this week: left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards, in the middle, in between, above, below.

Computing: We were very excited to get the iPads out yesterday and start programming a Sprite on Scratch Jnr. The children were giving the sprite instructions to move around their screen and started to investigate other ways in which they can program for example, making their sprite make noise and spin.

RE:  The children listened to the story ‘The Good Samaritan’ today and then we had a lesson all about giving and caring for others and how we could do this. We thought about how everyone is our neighbour and we can show Jesus’ love to everyone. The children each decided on a random act of kindness and have been challenged to perform a random act of kindness on a friend throughout next week without them knowing.

Reading Books: Please could all reading books and diaries be in on Monday morning, ready for new books to come back out.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Edwards

Sports Day Practise

Tomorrow (Monday 20th) we will be practising all of the events for sports day. Please could the children come to school in their PE kits tomorrow. Please do not send the children in in their coloured t-shirt as this is required for Tuesday’s actual sports day only.

Thank you in advance!

Mrs Edwards

Class 3 Weekly Update

Another fantastic week completed! Well done Class 3.

Spellings: The vowel trigraphs ‘air’ and ‘are’. This can be found in their green homework files.

17.6.22 Spelling sheet

English: The children started the week thinking about possible questions they could ask the farmers on our trip. They remembered that questions needed a capital letter at the start and needed a question mark to end. We have completed a recount this week about our school trip and I asked the children to remember to write in order of the events taking place. We discussed the importance of this and used lots of adjectives to make our writing exciting and interesting to read.

Homework: Please can you write to me about your favourite part of the school trip? I’d like you to use lots of descriptive sentences, punctuation, you could ask a question or even tell me what you had for your lunch! I want to hear all about your thoughts and feelings for the day. This can be found in their green homework files.

Farm homework 17.6.22 

Maths: Year 1 children have completed a range of maths quizzes this week. Year 2 have been using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with lengths and reasoning and problem solving.

Science: In Science, we have been establishing common needs and differences in needs between humans and other kinds of animals. We briefly discussed the way other baby animals live. The key differences we found are: where they live, parental care, how quickly they can become independent, what they eat and who feeds them. This linked nicely with our learning from Attingham Farm.

RE: This week we have been learning to understand that our class is a community made up of different individuals and we should respect each other. Jesus gave His disciples one rule that is called the Golden Rule as it is so important. It is shared by most other faiths. It is ‘Do to others what you want them to do to you’. We discussed this is detail and thought about the questions, What do you think it means? How would you like to be treated? How do you feel when people treat you unkindly or are selfish?  The class then came up with their own Golden Rules that we should follow to make our time at St Marys a happy and kind place.

Reading: I reassessed all of the children in our first week back to school. Most of the class have stayed on the same book which is what I expected for this time of the year. Please be reassured that this is because they have made super progress over the year with their phonics and now they are recapping books to build their fluency and comprehension skills. If your child has read a book before please encourage them to still have a go at this book. We want the children to now start recognising familiar words and reading more fluently as they do not need to spend as long Fred talking (sounding out) words.

Please could reading books and records that were not handed in today, be given in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Edwards