Home Learning W/C 23.3.2020

Hi all, this week’s home learning plan is as follows;


On Education City I have uploaded a number of tablet friendly activities. Throughout the first week your child should focus solely on division.

Also, your child should choose a times table focus for the week, either 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x tables and recall/rehearse these daily. Useful websites for times tables are:




To write a newspaper report about; St Mary’s Primary School closing (This could be due to Covid-19, a dragon, aliens have landed etc). Children should focus on the features of a newspaper report; heading, quotes, 5 W’s, eye witness pictures and captions.

On Education City, there is a grammar folder. Your child is expected to complete two grammar activities throughout the week.


This week’s focus is the sound spelt ‘ou’;  country, young, touch, double, trouble, couple, courage, cousin, rough, tough.


Please read daily. This is a great opportunity for children to be reading aloud using expression and intonation.


To create an information booklet or powerpoint about the River Severn and The Amazon River.


For a fantastic workout, check out Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel; The Body Coach TV. In school today the children really enjoyed #PEwithJOE. You can join in live at 9am or catch up on his YouTube channel.


Mr Weaver




Hi all,

This weeks homework includes maths, literacy and topic.

Maths: Arithmetic sheet. Also, an addition sheet. On section two ‘use a written method to answer these’ the children need to copy out the questions into their books.

Literacy: Comprehension sheet and a punctuation sheet.

Topic: A craft project.

Remember, keep practising those times tables and read as often as possible. 🙂 All homework should be returned by Tuesday 12th November.

Have a lovely half term.

Mr Weaver


Hi all,

It was lovely to meet most of you at parents evening this week.

Homework has been set and is expected to be returned by Wednesday 16th October. All homework sheets have been placed in their homework files along with their own individual homework book (they can decorate these if they wish to do so).

Homework activities include: 1 x comprehension activity, 2 x rounding to the nearest, 1x arithmetic sheet.

Thanks for your support

Mr Weaver

Homework throughout the year

Hi all,

I’m just posting to make you all aware of the expectations of homework throughout the year in Class 4 🙂

In Class 4 we encourage children to read a minimum of three times a week.To motivate the children to read we have a raffle prize. A child will receive a raffle ticket once they have reached the minimum expectation of reading three times in one week. After that, children will then receive a raffle ticket for each time they read.

Every Friday homework will be sent home and should be returned the following Tuesday unless stated otherwise.

Each week your child will bring home their marked arithmetic assessment. Class 4 children are aware that they need to focus and practise the incorrect questions. Also, every two weeks a reading comprehension will be sent home.

Year 4 children are expected to be fluent in ALL of their times table from 1 to 12 so please, please, please practise them as often as possible!

If anyone has any queries then please ask me at parent evening. I look forward to meeting lots of you for the first time.

Many thanks

Mr Weaver

Read Write Inc

Hi all,

This week Class 4 will be focusing on; adding the prefix mis- and revising un-, in-, dis-.

mis-     match             mismatch

mis-     print                misprint

mis-     behave           misbehave

mis-     understand     misunderstand

mis-     lead                mislead

Also, this weeks six jumping red words are: son, two, would, path, through, child.


Mr Weaver