Class 5 have had an amazing year and it has been an absolute pleasure to teach them! I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your constant support during my first year of teaching. Thank you all for your generous cards and gifts it is very kind of you all.

I hope you all have a lovely, safe summer holidays! I will looked forward to seeing you all in your new classes in KS2 in September.

Thanks again,

Miss Longland 🙂 X

Weekly update

Class 5 have all enjoyed their very last full week in Year 2!

In Maths we have started looking at measuring mass and capacity. The children have been great at this and are using mathematical vocabulary to explain their reasoning.

In English we have been reading ‘Amelia Earhart Little People Big Dreams’. We have learnt lots of facts about Amelia Earhart which we have used to write a biography about her.

In Geography we have been looking at Australia, one of the seven continents. We have been looking a huge feature which is in the ocean – The Great Barrier Reef. The children were engaged and were eager to find out what it is, why it is so important and how can it be saved from damage. We create information leaflets to show our learning.

In Science we have looked at the importance of sleep and exercise. All the children are aware of how important sleep and exercise are to us to keep us fit and healthy.

In Computing we designed backgrounds and then created our design on Scratch. The children were amazing at this and produced some amazing backgrounds just like their designs!

Please could all children bring in a strong/sturdy bag for their school books as I will be giving them out next week before we break up on Wednesday.

On Monday we will be going outdoors to make dens which is part of our D&T unit. Please can children bring in some trainers or wellies for this.

No homework has been set this week.

Please can all outstanding guided reading books be returned too.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Longland

Year 6 Enterprise

Please accept our apologies for the mix up with dates for the Year 6 Enterprise activities. The activities will be taking place at lunch time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and will be as follows:


Wednesday lunch time

Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00



Soak the student

25p for one throw

50p for two throws

75p for three throws

£1  for five throws

£2 for ten throws


Guess the number of sweets in the jar

1 guess for 50p

3 guesses for £1.00

5 guesses for £1.50




Thursday lunch time


Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00


Pokémon stall

The Pokémon card dip:

1 Pokémon card = 40p

2 Pokémon cards = 60p

3 Pokémon cards = £1

Who’s that Pokémon:

1 guess = 50p

2 guesses = £1

3 guesses = £1.50

Pin the Pokémon’s tail :

1 attempt =50p

2 attempts= £1.00

3 attempts = £1.50

Pokémon target throw:

1 throw with 3 Poke balls =£1



Friday lunch time


Guess the name of the teddy

1 Guess – 50p

2 Guesses – £1.00

3 Guesses – £1.50


Cake/sweet stall









Loom band sale

Wrist band: £1

Rings: 50p

Necklace: £1.50

Weekly update

What an interesting week this week have been!

The children were very excited and had great move up days meeting their new teaching and their new class on Tuesday.

In literacy we have been looking a rhyming words as our class book is a rhyming picture book. The children were excellent at rhyming two words together. We have also done some hot seating pretending to be characters in the book and writing different thoughts and feelings. The children enjoyed being ‘Emma Jane’.

Maths we have still been looking at time and different durations. I have sent home homework for children to complete to help consolidate their knowledge. Time is difficult to tell so any input you can give your child, asking them daily questions about the time or asking them questions about what time they do things e.g. wake up or go to sleep would be great!

In Science we learnt the importance of washing our hands. We created posters to show why we wash hands and how we wash our hands correctly.

In geography we have looked at a human feature in China. We looked at the Great Wall of China and learnt lots of different facts. We then worked in team to rebuild the Great Wall of China from Lego.

Homework this week:

Spellings – ‘ee’ sound spelt ‘ey’

Maths – Time

Please can all children bring in their outstanding reading books and reading records if they haven’t already. If you have lost your reading record or need a new one, then please ask.

Thanks for all your support and have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Longland

Weekly Update

We have been learning lots this week in Class 5.

In Literacy we have been planning and writing a short narrative based on ‘Emma Jane’s aeroplane’. The children have great imaginations and ideas! I have attached photos to show you some of their writing from today.

In Maths we have started our new unit on time. The children have made a great start with telling the time. We have focused on o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and telling the time to 5 minutes. We have been using practical clocks to help us and have played a telling the time bingo to have some fun! Homework this week will help to consolidate this learning. It would be great if you could ask children what the time was at points of the day to help children get used to telling the time and using the correct vocabulary (past or to).

In Science we have been learning about the eat well plate and how we need a range of food from the different categories. Their plates were super and had a variety of different foods on them! They are all aware of how to eat healthy.

Year 2 were lucky enough for Reverend Rich to come in this week. As a cohort they created a school prayer. They used a range of ideas and thoughts and create a St Mary’s School prayer. I was very proud of this and how they all worked together.

I want to say a big well done to all the children for their class assembly yesterday. It was amazing to see their confidence in sharing their learning with you, their singing and their talents. It is great to have such a range of talents in the class.


Literacy: To write a short paragraph on where children would like to travel making sure they are using correct punctuation and capital letters for proper nouns.

Maths: Telling the time.

PE next week

Thursday – Project Touchline

Friday – Jujitsu

Please can I ask on PE days girls tie their hair up, thank you.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Miss Longland



Just to let you know Jujitsu has now changed to a  Friday for the rest of the summer term. We didn’t have it today and we will be having our session this Friday. This means children will need to come to school in PE kit on a Thursday and Friday.

Thank you,

Miss Longland

Weekly Update

What a fantastic week Class 5 have had! This week we have been busy researching events that have happened in the 1970’s.

The children enjoyed this afternoon. We set the classroom up like a street and had a ‘street party’. We ate snacks, coloured in and danced to some of the songs from the 70’s. I am so grateful for the snacks provided last minute. I really appreciate it.  Thank you everyone!

In Literacy we wrote some newspaper reports reporting on the heatwave in 1976. The children were surprised at the temperatures and the effects it had. They enjoyed writing and performing their news reports to the class.

In Maths we have been looking at the cost of items from the 1970’s and the cost of them today. We worked out the different and looked at different ways we could make the price. We also created bar charts based on the class votes of their favourite 1970’s toy.

In History we have looked at items and how they have changed. We also looked at the 1970s fashion and had a go at making our own tie-dye.

In 1977, when the Queen celebrated her Jubilee, she lit a beacon bonfire at Windsor Castle to show we learnt this we did some art work of the Queen in bonfire colours using chalk. We also created coins out of clay and designed royal patterns and pictures.

In RE we were lucky to have Reverend Rich come in and talk to us about weddings because in the 1970’s Princess Anne got married and the Queen attended. The children enjoyed this and learnt a lot.

We have been busy this week and have been completing lots of fun activities which link to the 70’s. It was great to see children learning and understanding life before them. Well done Class 5!


Project Touchline Thursday

Ju Jitsu – Tuesday

Homework: I have sent home spellings these are some of the Year 2 common exception words. I have also sent home Literacy homework. We have looked at toys and games that were used in 1970 so I would like children to tell me about their favourite toy now. There is no maths homework but it would be good for children to consolidate their multiplication knowledge using times table rock stars.

I have attached an overview of what we will be learning this half term.


I apologise for the email sent on Thursday which caused confusion. I published a website post on Wednesday and thought emails were sent the same time but they are not. Sorry for this.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Longland

Afternoon tea party Friday

As part of our work this week focusing on the 1970’s and to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne we will be having an afternoon tea party on Friday.

If you are able to bring something small such as biscuits, cakes or crisps that children could share with their friends I would be grateful.

The children will have their lunch as normal and we will have our tea party during the afternoon.

Also, children have PE tomorrow so PE kit is needed.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Longland

PE days

We no longer have Passmaster to deliver PE we have a new company called Project Touchline. This will change our PE day to a Thursday. We will be continuing with Ju Jitsu on a Tuesday.

PE days are Tuesday and Thursdays and children will need to come in to school in PE kit. 

Thank you.

Decades week

Hope you are all having a great half term and getting up to some lovely things.

Just to let you know Class 5 will be researching and doing lots of activities the first week back focusing on the 1970s.


Miss Longland 🙂