Year 6 Home Learning April 2nd


I hope you are all well.

If you have been working through the Education City exercises, most come with 3 options: an on screen activity, a worksheet and an answer sheet. If you have a printer (and you want to print it out) then feel free to do so. I know a lot of you won’t have this option, so you can either stick to the online activity or try answering the questions on the worksheet without printing them out.

A little grammar and punctuation quiz for you today.

A little fun for you to try on your own or with another family member.

Keep smiling.

Mr.Chiverton 🙂


Year 6 Home Learning March 31st


It looks like the quiz website I was hoping to use is now working.


or and enter the challenge pin 0762213

The first few questions are a little tricky and some have more than one answer.

It will be nice to see how you get on with Kahoot. I’ll be looking at adding some more quizzes in the future.

The Education City maths finishes off the block today. Try out the science if you can. Unfortunately, it isn’t tablet friendly.

Good luck!

Mr.Chiverton 🙂

Year 6 Home Learning March 30th


I hope you all had a good weekend.

The quiz site I was going to use for Friday’s zoo visit is having problems. Once it’s up and running I’ll look to put something together for you.

When you come onto Education City, look for the date the items were published. The top two are for Theo and the bottom two are for everyone else. I can see who has started the tasks and who has completed them. Unfortunately, you only get a score when they are complete.

Keep going 🙂

Mr. Chiverton