Weekly update Class 9

Well, this will be the final update of my time with Class 9.

I have had such a wonderful time at St. Mary’s and with Class 8 and 9, so thank you to all the staff, pupils and parents for making me so welcome!

I am so proud of the children in Class 8 and 9 – they have really matured in the last few months. They are showing what a fantastic bunch they are, and their new teachers next year will be very lucky to have them!

Thank you to all the parents who managed to make it to our class assembly on Thursday, it meant so much to the children to be able to share our learning with you.

I will be retiring from teaching on Wednesday and will no doubt miss the children and all the daily hustle and bustle of the classroom. I wish them all well and hope they all succeed in whatever direction they choose to take.

Mr Chiverton


Year 6 Enterprise

Please accept our apologies for the mix up with dates for the Year 6 Enterprise activities. The activities will be taking place at lunch time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and will be as follows:


Wednesday lunch time

Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00



Soak the student

25p for one throw

50p for two throws

75p for three throws

£1  for five throws

£2 for ten throws


Guess the number of sweets in the jar

1 guess for 50p

3 guesses for £1.00

5 guesses for £1.50




Thursday lunch time


Penalty shoot-out

50p for 1 shot

£2.00 for 5 shots


Football matches

For a game of football for 7 minutes it will be £1.00

For a game of football for 15 minutes it will be £1.50

For a game of football for 20 minutes it will be £2.00


Pokémon stall

The Pokémon card dip:

1 Pokémon card = 40p

2 Pokémon cards = 60p

3 Pokémon cards = £1

Who’s that Pokémon:

1 guess = 50p

2 guesses = £1

3 guesses = £1.50

Pin the Pokémon’s tail :

1 attempt =50p

2 attempts= £1.00

3 attempts = £1.50

Pokémon target throw:

1 throw with 3 Poke balls =£1



Friday lunch time


Guess the name of the teddy

1 Guess – 50p

2 Guesses – £1.00

3 Guesses – £1.50


Cake/sweet stall









Loom band sale

Wrist band: £1

Rings: 50p

Necklace: £1.50

Class 9 update


This week the children have been continuing with their persuasive writing by looking at how it has been included in speeches and protest songs.

In maths we have been measuring angles and learning how to use a protractor with accuracy. Many children find this a difficult concept to understand and master and this years class are no exception. They will look at this again next year.

Move up day took place on Tuesday with the children having the opportunity to work with Mrs Duncan and Mr Walker.

This Thursday, we have our class assembly. The children look forward to showing you some of the work they have done this term.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Mr Chiverton

Year 5 update


Sorry for the late update. As I’m sure you are aware Year 5 have been working on a project with Mr Walker this week. I was fortunate enough to see and hear the children discussing their work when I returned from residential on Friday.

With move up day and other events taking place, there will be no more homework this term.

Hopefully you will be able to make it into school on Tuesday to meet your child’s new teacher and can make it in for the Jubilee celebration next week.

Mr Chiverton

Class 9 Weekly Update


What another busy week! With sports day, Father’s day lunch and the big break the children have had a lot to do.

We have also been continuing our work on drug and substance abuse. It was interesting to see how many children thought that the most reliable information on drugs could come from their friends or parents.

In Topic we have been creating our own biomes. It will take a couple of weeks but we hope to see our crop grow and survive in it’s own micro climate.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 24.06.2022.docx


Class 9 Weekly update


Year 5 have had another busy week as the sun shone.

In Literacy, we have started to look at persuasive arguments linked to advertising. The children have shown a good understanding as we have worked on persuasive writing earlier in the year when working on Charles Darwin.

Maths work has concentrated on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100 and 1,000. The homework this week is linked to this.

Science has continued our work on classification and has involved us identifying different arthropods and classifying them. We also had a look at microorganisms and we are trying to grow some mould in class.

Topic, this term, looks at Biomes. We will be attempting to create our own tropical biome in class – more to follow.

In music we have been concentrating on Theme and Variation. The children enjoyed creating their own variations of the same tune.

On Tuesday we have our sports day. We hope you can join us.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 17.06.2022

Decades Week Class 9


This week we have followed on from the Jubilee celebrations of last weekend. Each class had a decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign to focus on with class 9 working on 2010-2020.

We investigated what significant events took place during this decade and  technology that became available to the public. We also dedicated our focus reading and Literacy work on the same topic and created poems linked to the Jubilee celebrations. I maths, our work on decimals had a royal flavour. We also created some art work in which the children had to complete a portrait of her majesty. I’m sure you’ll agree we have some talented artists.

Have a good weekend

Mr Chiverton


Yr 5 Homework week ending 10.06.2022

Class 9 weekly update

Well done Class 9 for another fabulous week! We have been doing lots of super learning this week.


We have been continuing our work on decimals and place value and have been working on problem solving linked to this.

Literacy: This week we have finished our work on information texts. It has been great to see such a diverse range of topics covered; from French Bulldogs to Rael Madrid.

Geography/Design and Technology: Following on from our look at global trade, we had a food tasting session with some slightly more exotic foods from around the world. Whilst passion fruit seemed quite popular the same can’t be said for ginger and coconut.

Science: We have been exploring our local biodiversity and looking at the range of living things that can be found on our doorstep.


Reading and homework:  Please read with your child three times per week at home and bring reading books and records into school everyday. Could you encourage your child to complete their homework in the book and not on the printed sheets. Thanks.

Please return homework on a Thursday so it can be marked and new homework issued before the weekend.

When we return from half-term holidays we will be spending a week on activities linked to the Queen’s Jubilee. Class 9 will have a focus on the last decade of Her Majesty’s reign.

I hope you have a lovely break!

Mr Chiverton


Homework week ending 26.05.22

Year 6 Residential Information

Please find attached information that has been handed out to your child for the Year 6 residential. Attached is also the presentation for parents giving an overview of the centre.

Although it may be warm on the residential, all children will need long sleeve tops  and trousers (not shorts) to participate in a majority of the activities. (In the past some children who have not had the appropriate clothing have not been able to participate in all the activities.)

We strongly recommend that children wear old clothes and new clothes are only bought for the residential if your child does not already have the appropriate clothing.

Please return the behaviour contracts handed out to your child after half-term .

Many thanks

Mr Chiverton

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