Owls Reading

Thank you so much for your reading over half term. We have given out this week’s reading books/ sheets today. Please can you return the old ones if you haven’t already. We will be carrying on with the new swap book day: children to return the books on a Friday and new ones given out on a Monday.

We are so excited for our new half term and the children’s lovely imaginations are full of wonderful ideas.

Owls Reading

Well done for your amazing reading this half term! We hope you have a great time with the reading challenge, we can’t wait to see where they read (please see our website for details).

With our new reading scheme the home books match the guided reading book we read that week in school. So that your child has reading material relevant to their group we ask that you keep the books that they have had this week to continue to build up their fluency and confidence over half term. We will be getting their next books ready for the first Monday back, which will match our guided reading books and activities for the first week. They will also have chosen a book to share with you. As a challenge they could even spot the sounds from their book bag books in the sharing books.

Happy reading and have a lovely half term holidays,

Miss Parker, Mrs Wootton, Mrs Unsworth and Mrs Crow.

Owls Reading

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for all of the hard work that you have been doing with your child at home. We have completed the reading assessments on the children and to fit in with the other classes we are changing our book swap day. Books/ ditty sheets will be sent out on a Monday and returned on a Friday.

This will be starting from next week. Please can you ensure any outstanding books are returned by this Friday, 21st May.

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Parker, Mrs Wootton and Mrs Unsworth

Last day of Spring Term

Good afternoon!

Please don’t forget that tomorrow will be a non school uniform day and please bring in the reading records so that we can get this week’s books/ ditty sheets handed out!

The school kitchen will be preparing pizza, chips and beans for lunch, followed by Easter cookies.

Thank you for all of your support this term it has been greatly appreciated! Have a lovely and very well deserved break over the Easter holidays.


Miss Parker, Mrs Wootton and Mrs Unsworth

Owls Home Reading

Dear parents,

Following the phonics assessments over the last couple of weeks some children are ready for books. Your child will either be continuing with the ditty sheets or be starting on a book. These will be given out on a Friday, please return on a Thursday. The sharing books will continue to be changed on a Tuesday and Friday as often as you require.

Many thanks for all the work that you have done with your child over lock down and that you continue to do.

Many thanks,

Miss Parker

Owls and Cinderella

We would like to invite the children to a ball on Friday 12th March! (Please keep it a surprise for tomorrow – as we will be handing out proper invitations!)

The children are allowed to come to school in their favourite party outfits. These could include: princess dresses, school shirt and trousers, best tops…the list is endless.

We felt that as they have worked so hard during lockdown that they deserve a treat. Not only have they written an invitation and written instructions on how to get ready for a ball, but they will also be designing a menu this week! We hope that this will be something lovely to look forward to on Friday!

Please remember that they will be dressed in these outfits all day, so make sure they have a coat and sensible shoes.


We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have been doing at home with the children. It has been lovely to see their work and to have kept in touch!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and please let your children know: school will be as normal from Monday.

See you soon,

Miss Parker, Mrs Wootton and Mrs Unsworth

Owls first week back!

We are so excited to have everyone back in and it is looking like a busy busy week!

Monday – Beatrix Potter day

Tuesday – PE day (please make sure they will be warm enough as it will be outside, weather dependent)

Wednesday – normal day!

Thursday – STEM day. For our STEM day could your children please bring in a clear container and lid (this could be a clear disposable water bottle/ pot and lid) so that we can make ‘Flitter Jars’. (These can start coming in from Monday and we will label them).

Friday – The day for our Ball!


Owls Home Learning Friday 5th March 2021


What a wonderful first week back! I am so impressed with your arts and crafts and everything that you have been able to do! Here is the class email: owls@shawburystmarys.co.uk


Today for maths could you please:

  • Complete your favourite puzzles
  • Do some baking
  • Go on a walk and see how many sticks you could collect
  • Go around your garden and measure your plants

Anything fun and maths related!



Please continue to practise writing the sounds, please can you try and write them on the line and really neatly! See where you can spot this sound in books at home!


Today here are your handwriting sheets, the second extension sheet is optional!





For Religious Education could you please practise the Hosanna song again with your children and recap over the meaning behind Palm Sunday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-39h0xYqdE.

We will be discussing the meaning behind the Hot Cross Bun (being the stone in front of the Tomb with the cross). If you would like to: you could try a hot cross bun and even design your own – what flavours would you include?

Here is your ditty sheet for this week: ditty sheet 19