Sharing book

Dear Parents,

The sharing books your children take home are for you to share for the duration of the week. So I think it would work best if you keep it until the following Friday and bring it in with their reading folders ready to change for a new one. This also means you only have one day to bring anything into school.

I hope this makes sense, sorry for any confusion.

Miss Davies πŸ™‚


Dear Parents/Carers,

A reminder that tomorrow is the day to bring your child’s reading folders into school as normal. However starting this week, these will stay with us until Monday, when they will be sent home with their new books.

This will then be the same every week. If you forget to bring reading folders in tomorrow, then please make sure there are in on Monday.

Your child will come home tomorrow with a sharing book from the book corner in class to share with you and if they are a Year One they will bring home a homework sheet and their spellings in their homework folder (Please make sure these are in their reading folders tomorrow!)

If you have any questions about this then please ask me, I will be around in the morning.

Have a lovely evening and weekend,

Miss Davies πŸ™‚

Our Class Butterflies

Good afternoon!

I have an update for you all. As you may know, (and hopefully your children have told you!), 3 of our caterpillars successfully emerged from their cocoons on Friday before half term. It was a wonderful way to end our half term in class, and the children were so excited!

Unfortunately, because the butterflies needed time to gain strength before releasing them, we couldn’t do this together. However, I took the butterflies and remaining cocoons home and a fourth emerged overnight on Friday.

The fifth butterfly didn’t emerge, however I did put it in a safe place outdoors after I released the butterflies, so hopefully he did emerge soon after.

On Monday, the butterflies were all attempting to fly and were very active, so I thought it was time to release them. I recorded the whole thing, however am unable to upload the video, so I will share these photos on here and then share the video with the children in class next week.

I was so proud of them all, and although some of them took a while to fly out, they all made it out safe and flying! One even came back to say hello a couple of hours later in the garden!

(Sorry about the quality of the photos! I screenshotted from the video!)

I hope you are all enjoying a week of sunshine with your families. See you next week.

Miss Davies πŸ™‚

Reading books

Dear Parents of Hedgehogs,

We will be having a small change to our routine as of w/c 14th June. Our reading books/ Ditty sheets have previously been collected and re-sent out on a Friday.

However, from the second week of Summer 2, I will require your child to bring their reading folder in every Friday and these will be left in school over the weekend until Monday. This will allow us to give out new books every Monday, and collect these in on a Friday. This allows time for the books to be ‘isolated’ ready for collection from the Library on Monday morning for the next book to be sent home, and for continuity throughout the Key Stage. Please keep in mind we are unable to provide your child with a new book until they have brought in their previous one.

If your child forgets to bring their folder on Friday, please remember to bring this in on the following Monday if you can.

Your child will be sent home with a ‘sharing book’ from our book corner in class on Friday. This book may not match their current reading ability, however this is a book to share with family members over the weekend.

Along with their sharing book, Year One children will still be sent home with their homework on a Friday. We will keep reading folders in school over the weekend so please make sure your child’s homework folder (green/yellow folder) is in your child’s reading folder at all times. This means your child will be able to take home just their homework folder and a ‘sharing book’ on a Friday.

If you have misplaced your child’s homework folder, please come and ask and I will try to locate another for you.

So, to confirm:

  • Reading folders in everyΒ Friday, and Monday (if they forgot it on Friday)
  • Homework folders should be put in reading folders ready for homework on a Friday (Year One only)
  • Friday- children will be sent home with a ‘sharing book’ (and Y1 homework)
  • Monday-Β children will have a new book/ Ditty sheet to read throughout the week in their reading folder.

I hope this makes sense, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are not sure about any of the above information, or have any queries. I am always at the gate in the mornings and afternoons.

I hope you are enjoying your half term!

Miss Davies πŸ™‚


Our trip to the Church!

Good morning,

I wanted to share our trip to the church with you all, we loved our visit on Tuesday this week and learnt so much.Β 

Reverend Rich showed us lots of important parts of the church that are used for different things. We learned about: Weddings, Christenings or Baptisms, church bells, the font, how old the building was, how people worship in church, what Reverend Rich does in the church and what the church does for community, and much more!


I hope the children have been able to talk about their experience at home, I know they really enjoyed learning about and seeing the church.

I was so impressed with every single member our class in terms of behaviour, listening skills, confidence and curiosity. Well done Hedgehogs!

Miss Davies πŸ™‚

Reading information

Dear Parents,

This week we have been busy in class completing assessments to regroup the children for reading.

I have sent the children home with their new allocated coloured book or Ditty sheet if they brought their reading folder into school today.

Please note that some children won’t have moved into a new group as they may need to develop fluency, accuracy or confidence before we move them on.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Davies πŸ™‚

Free Tennis

Hi everyone,

This week Years 5 & 6 had the opportunity to enjoy a taster session in tennis delivered by LTA coaches from The Shrewsbury Club Tennis.

The Shrewsbury Club Tennis are offering FREE tennis sessions to children THIS Sunday (16.5.2021) at Monkmoor Recreation Ground for children between the age of 4-11.

To book on follow the Golden ticket or alternatively click the link below:

Golden Ticket

Many thanks,

Mr Weaver

A trip to the Church!

Good afternoon,

We are going to be taking a trip to St Mary’s church next Tuesday (18th) as part of our class learning in R.E.

We are going to be visiting Revered Rich in church where he will be answering some of our questions and teaching us about what happens in the church.

If you would prefer for your child not to attend, please let me know before Monday 17th May.

Miss Davies πŸ™‚

Caterpillar update!

Good morning,

I have attached some pictures so that you can see the progress our Caterpillars are making at home.

They have grown so much. We have been measuring them every other day at school and we can’t believe how much the numbers go up every time!

They have begun making what looks like spider webs, and we think this is what they will use to make their cocoons, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

With the children’s help, we have also named our Caterpillars.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures and discussing their growth with your children at home!

Miss Davies πŸ™‚