Week commencing 18th of May home learning activities

Hello everyone, hope you have had a fun week learning about minibeasts!

This week’s focus is Travel and transport!


Can you count how many different ways people are traveling down your road?

How many cars, tractors, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians? Can you create your own survey over the week


Can you write a story about going out? How did you get there? Where did you go? What did you do when you got there?


How many of the sounds can you find?

reception: keep searching for the phase 3 sounds: Set 6: j v w x, Set7: y z,zz qu, Phase 3 two and three letter graphemes: ch, sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

year 1 – alternative pronunciations for: y (yes, by, very), ch (chin, school, chef), 


Can you make a moving vehicle using toilet rolls and paper?


Can you become an illustrator and draw illustrations for your story?

car song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyBYuEgvFl0

vehicle survey examples – T-HE-051-Traffic-Survey-and-Block-Diagrams-Activity t-t-2719-traffic-survey-activity-sheet-_ver_1 us-t-t-2726-car-color-survey-activity-english-united-states_ver_1

Week commencing 11th May home learning activities

Hello everyone, thanks to all of your hard work at home!

This week’s focus is mini beasts.


Can you find all the mini beasts from the song in your garden? How many have you found? Can you draw and count these?


Can you learn the song for the mini beasts? Can you add your own lines?


How many of the sounds can you find?

reception – ch, sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

year 1 – New pronunciations for known graphemes – ow (cow, blow), ie (tie, field), ea (eat, bread),


What can you find out about bugs? Can you draw and label these facts?

Minibeast Mathematics!

Minibeast Mathematics – minibeast song

t-t-019-eyfs-minibeast-hunt-checklist-_ver_2 t-t-10452-minibeast-complete-the-pattern-activity-sheets-differentiated_ver_1 t-t-27093-make-your-own-minibeast-hotel-outdoor-activity-_ver_1




I have set lots of different activities for the reception and year 1 children through education city, I have made sure that the games and activities are all tablet friendly so these can be accessed both on a tablet as well as a laptop.

Also remember these key websites with free resources:

Phonics play, twinkl, get epic (lots of free books for the first 30 days), Oliver Jeffers is also reading stories for children, white rose maths has also got some new resources for parents too!

Best wishes

Miss Parker and Mrs Wootton



Dear Parents/ guardians/carers,

Please find attached the order in which phonics is taught in our school and the letters and sounds official book as a PDF. The PDF gives all of the rules for the sounds and different ideas for games.

HEDGEHOGS YEAR 1 children – we were starting the New pronunciations for known graphemes – ‘u’ (but, put (in the south of England) ).

HEDGEHOGS RECEPTION children – we have completed phase 3 and are moving onto phase 4 (there are no new sounds we consolidate their knowledge of phase 3).



Best Wishes,

Miss Parker

Recycle your christmas jumper stall

This year at the Christmas fayre we will be holding a recycle your Christmas jumper stall. If you have any unwanted or outgrown Christmas jumpers to donate to our stall please bring them to Ladybird class or to the main office anytime before Friday. They will be on sale at the fayre for £2 each.

Please note: Christmas jumpers must be in good, clean condition.

Thank you in advance

Mrs Owen