Y1 Spellings- Spring term- Week 3

This week we will be practising the sounds we have learnt in our phonics lessons. We will be trying to apply the sounds we know with the sounds we have learnt before. We know there are alternative spellings for some of our sounds. Here are some spellings to practise what sounds to use in the correct words. I have also included two tricky words we need to remember how to spell for reading and writing.

  1. destroy
  2. spoil
  3. noise
  4. enjoy
  5. wreath
  6. feed
  7. speech
  8. heat
  9. they
  10. are

Y1 Spellings -Week 8

Dear parents,

This week, and from this week forward, your child will be sent home with spellings on a ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet. The sheet is there for you to use to practise the spellings, however you may practise these in whichever way you feel best for your child.

Each week the spellings will be linked to the sounds taught that week in school, so please practise these as much as you can to embed using their new sounds in words.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Miss Davies 🙂

  1. high
  2. night
  3. light
  4. blow
  5. snow
  6. glow
  7. zoo
  8. mood
  9. pool
  10. one
  11. two
  12. three

Y1 Spellings- Week 7

Dear parents,

This week, I would like you to go over any spellings that your child found difficult to remember over the last 6 weeks.

Practise them in as many different ways as you can. For example: Put some flour on a table and spread it out, your child can write the words with their finger, get some chalk and write them outside, find a large piece of paper and write them in lots of different colours. There are so many fun ways to practise spellings.

Have fun!

Miss Davies 🙂