Ladybird Return to School!

Good morning everyone 🙂

I hope you are all okay and are enjoying your last day of home learning!

There will be no homework this week and we will look at the spellings in class next week. So please enjoy your weekend and relax ready for the return to school.

The routine in Ladybird class will be the same as it was before Christmas, please reassure your children of this over the next few days and if there are any worries from either yourselves or your children please drop me an email and I will be happy to discuss these with you. The day will start at 8.40am and finish at 3pm.

Reading books will be issued the 2nd week back (w/c 15th March) and will follow the same routine as before, issued on a Monday, back in on a Friday. If you could please send in your child’s reading record on Monday so we have them in school ready for the next week that would be brilliant.

PE is now on a Tuesday, we are very lucky to have PassMaster in delivering exceptional PE lessons. Please make sure your child comes to school on a Tuesday in PE kit with appropriate outerwear.

I am really looking forward to having the children back in class and cannot wait to see all the smiley faces on Monday morning.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to ALL of the parents, carers and children of Ladybird class, the past few weeks have been far from easy but the work ethic, the commitment and the support has been phenomenal and it has been a pleasure to look at all of the emails and see all of the super home learning that has been taking place.

See you all on Monday morning!

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt 🙂

Friday 5th March – Home learning

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thank you all so much for your participation in the world book day zoom, you were all fabulous. There were some brilliant stories shared, thank you :).

The tasks for Friday are as follows:


Today the recapping sound is /a-e/ ‘make a cake’

Grab a pencil and join in.

phoneme spotter a-e

Maths – Arithmetic Quiz 

Please complete the quiz below, do it on your own and then go through the answers with an adult at home. Check it, fix it or tick it with a coloured pencil and then let me know how you get on!

Spring Test 3

Literacy – Newspaper report. 

Can you please finish off your newspaper reports from Wednesday. Add the last few details, the picture, the caption and go back through and make sure nothing can be improved or edited! 🙂


Please see attached the handwriting sheets for this week. If you cannot print them, just give it your best shot.

joining to and from letter c

extension – joining to and from c

PSHE – keeping safe ‘stranger danger’

Look through the presentation below all about keeping safe outside and stranger danger! You all did really well the fire safety last week so I know you will be brilliant.

Stranger danger is really important – so please take time to look through the presentation.

keeping safe around strangers presentation

I would like you to make a poster, bright and colourful, about how to keep safe. Draw lots of pictures, add key words and use a bold title.

Golden time 

Enjoy some down time, some relaxation and a well deserved break from all of the hard work. You all need some time to get your school bags packed and ready for Monday! I cannot wait to see all your happy smiley faces when we meet again on Monday morning :). See you bright and early!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt.

Thursday 4th – Home Learning – WORLD BOOK DAY

Hello everyone!

Happy world book day 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing your costumes on the zoom call later!

To keep us on track we are still going to do Maths today, but then there will be lots of fun activities linked to World Book Day!

Maths – making patterns 

Please watch the video and join in! This is a fun task, you will need some coloured crayons and you might want some plain paper to make your own patterns.


Sheet: Thursday – Making patterns with 2D shapes


Reading is a key part of life – it is one my favourite past times 🙂

Here are some activities that you might like to do:

Go on a hunt: Scavenger Hunt – World Book Day

Review your favourite book : book review template

Design a book cover:book cover design

Write your own story based on ANYTHING you like.

Design a bookmark for yourself or a friend.

Please just enjoy some books, explore your favourite characters and appreciate reading today 🙂

If you fancy a rest from exploring books:

PE – Balance 

In this lesson, you will learn how to link the basic balances with travelling movements. You will also learn how to perform a safe warm-up and cool-down. Please note this lesson will require some physical exercise and additional equipment, beyond a pen, pencil or paper. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video and make sure your child is adequately supervised when equipment is required.


Have a great day, cannot wait to see you on the zoom call 🙂

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt.

World Book Day Zoom

Hello everyone 🙂

I thought I had posted this but it was stuck in the drafts, ooops!

Tomorrow we have a zoom meeting to celebrate World Book Day, please come along and show us your World Book Day outfits and you can share your favourite book too. The meeting is at 10:30 am – we cannot wait to see you all :).

Miss Shadbolt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: World Book Day
Time: Mar 4, 2021 10:30 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 946 1565 2697
Passcode: tbYpN7



Wednesday 3rd March – Home Learning

Good morning 🙂

How are you all today? Please see below the home learning tasks for today.

Phonics – /oi/ ‘ ‘spoil the boy’ 

Well done for really grasping the sounds. Grab a pen and join in.

Extension: oi alien and normal words

Maths – Count faces on shapes

Please watch the video and then complete the sheet below.

Wednesday – Counting faces 3D shapes

Literacy – Write the newspaper report. 

Today you need to be using your super duper plans to write the newspaper report. Remember all of the key features and use your plans to help you, that is what they are there for. Today you only need to do the main writing, you will have time to do the captions and pictures on Friday.

I have attached a template to use if you need it 🙂

Newspapers Template Sheet

Topic – Queens of History: To explore Tudor life and Queen Elizabeth I.

We are continuing to explore Queens and different periods of time. Today the focus is Queen Elizabeth I and Tudor life. Can you please look through the presentation and then complete the sheet below.

Presentation: Famous Queens

Sheet:Tudor life sheet

At the end can you answer these questions?

Can you explain who Queen Elizabeth I was?
Do you understand who the Tudors were?
Can you see the difference between Tudor times and life now? 


Enjoy your day.

See you soon!! 🙂

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt.

Monday Craft.

Hello everyone.

On Monday we will be celebrating International Women’s Day in class.

I have some lovely activities planned but we will need some help… Can you please collect and then bring to school on Monday any empty toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes? We need them for an exciting craft project! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday morning, bright and early with some big smiles! (and hopefully some empty toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes!!) 🙂

Thank you so much!

Miss Shadbolt.

Tuesday 2nd March – Home Learning

Hello everyone 🙂

Please see the work for today below.

Phonics – recapping set 3

We are going to revisit set 3, just so you are all amazing with them!!

Today the sound is /ea/ – ‘cup of tea’

ea extension task – read and write

Maths – Sort 2D shapes

Watch the video and then please complete the sheet, if you cannot print the sheet just give it the best go you can with a pen and paper! I am impressed with how well you are grasping the shape topic.

Sheet: Tuesday – Sort 2D shapes


Literacy – Plan a newspaper report

Today you need to plan your newspaper report. Remember it is all about Little Red Riding and the Big Bad Wolf. You are not retelling the story, you are turning the story in to a newspaper report. Think back to the features that you looked at last week.

  • Newspaper title – what will yours be?
  • Headline – what will yours be?
  • Paragraphs – what will each paragraph be about?
  • Past tense – because it has already happened.
  • Picture – what will you include?
  • Caption – what caption will you create?
  • Eyewitness accounts – who will you interview
  • Facts about the event – what are they key aspects of the event?
  • The 5 w’s (who, what, why, where and when).

Who is it about?

What happened?

Why did it happen?

Where did it happen?

When did it happen?

Use the sheet to help you. 

If you need to read or watch the story again for some help that is okay.

Newspaper Report Plan Sheet


RE – Jesus in Jerusalem 

Watch the video below about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. Then complete the sheet below.

Jesus in Jerusalem sheet

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, the large crowd began to thank God and praise him. Luke 19:37. 

This story is all about being thankful, can you think of things that you are thankful for?


Have a lovely day.

Keep smiling!

Miss Shadbolt.


Monday 1st March – Home Learning


Good morning!

Can you believe we are already in March, this year is flying by!

Did you all have a good weekend? Are you ready for your home learning?

Please see the tasks for today below.

Phonics – /ure/ – ‘sure it’s pure’ 

Today this is the last sound of set 3, well done! We will recap them again though so don’t worry! 🙂

Grab a pen and pencil and join in.

Maths – Shape (Symmetry). 

Watch the video below and then complete the activity sheet. If you cannot print the sheet please complete on a blank piece of paper as best as you can 🙂

Monday – Lines of symmetry

Literacy – Captions for pictures

To make a newspaper report stand out, it always has a picture with a caption explaining what is going on in the picture.

Look through the PowerPoint and complete the short starting activities, then I have attached a sheet full of pictures for you to try and create some short and catchy captions. I have also left one space blank for you to design your own!

Presentation: Captions

Task: Literacy – Monday captions

Science – Habitats 

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson of the new topic last week. Did you learn something new and exciting? This week you are looking at habitats.

In this lesson, you will learn about what a habitat is and look at examples of habitats. You will also build simple food chains of organisms that live in woodland, pond and savannah habitats.

Grab a pen and join in!!


Have a great day!

Keep smiling 🙂

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt.


Friday 26th Feb – Home learning

Good morning 🙂

Happy Friday! How are you all today? Have you enjoyed the first week of term? I cannot wait to see you all.

Do you like the new topics we are looking at? You have all been super engaged and worked really hard, I am still so impressed with the level of work coming from all of you.


Take the sounds you have learnt this week and write a sentence for each sound, without using any help. See if you can remember all of the sounds and spell them perfectly.

  • /ew/ – chew the stew
  • /oa/ – goat in a boat
  • /ire/ – fire fire!
  • /ear/ – hear with your ear.

Have a go, check it and then fix it if you need too.


Today the focus is letter printing!

Handwriting print letters

Printing letters – extension


Please complete the spelling sheet, these can be done over the weekend as homework if you would prefer.

Spelling sheet 26.2.21

Maths – Arithmetic Quiz

Please complete the test below independently. Once you have had a go, ask an adult to look it over with you and check the answers. Tick it or fix it with a different colour pencil and then let me know what you get! Good luck!

Spring Test 2

PSHE – How to keep safe at home (fire safety)

As part of our new PSHE topic, we need to look at how to keep safe at home in the event of a fire. Please read through the PowerPoint below. Before you start, do you know any fire safety already?

Fire Safety PowerPoint

After you have looked through the slides. On a plain piece of paper, I would like you to create a poster all about fire safety at home. Make it as bright as bold as possible!

Golden time 

We will be having some golden time this afternoon to allow us to relax after a busy first week. I hope you can enjoy some relaxation time too.

Have a really lovely weekend 🙂

Best wishes, Miss Shadbolt.