Friday 5th March

Happy Friyay everyone,

You have all made it through another week Well done. And it’s your last Friday for home learning!!! You did it, you all should be super proud of yourselves and I can’t wait to see you all together again on Monday.

Today we going to start our last Friyay with some PE, I would like you to move like a minibeast, using the cards below follow the directions, you could slide like a snail or  flutter like a butterfly. Make sure everyone joins in!


After PE lets settle down in to our morning routine, I would like you to concentrate on some fine motor skills. Work on your pencil grip today while writing your name and also some scissor work really work on holding scissors correctly and making snips and cutting around shapes.


This afternoon we are going to practice our size matching looking at different sized mini beasts using the terminology, big/large- little/small and also looking at the word medium and what that means.


After that it’s time for you to all have a well deserved rest, choose a snuggly activity to do together: a story, jigsaw with a drink and a biscuit and enjoy the weekend together.

Stay safe and see you on Monday,

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Miss Thelwell♥


Thursday 4th March

Hello Nursery,

This morning after our daily morning routine, I would like you to make mini beasts out of playdough,  don’t worry if you don’t have any playdough I have a great non-cook recipe to make some together at home.

You can use pipe cleaners for wings if you are making a bee, or draw eyes on paper to add on, or googly eyes if you have them, make sure you pat, roll and squeeze your dough which is great for improving your fine motor skills.

This afternoon we are making a spider out of a toilet /kitchen roll (please see below), then we are going to sing Incy Wincey spider and make our Incy spider prop move to the song up the drain pipe and down again.

  • How many legs has your spider got??


Wednesday 3rd March

Hello everybody,

It’s Wednesday again the middle of the week. How is your learning going so far, are you enjoying our minibeast theme?? Please get in touch and let me know.

Today we are going to start by reading the story ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’. it’s all about a caterpillar called Cody who is feeling worried about change. it takes us through his journey and all the friends he meets upon the way. The story is all about feeling worried about change, this is particularly important during this time in lockdown. so it’s super important we all talk.

  • Have you ever felt worried about things changing?

After you have listened and talked about the story I would like you to have a go at making a symmetrical butterfly picture, you can use the template provided below or cut out your own butterfly then paint one side only. Once finished fold it over and see the print appear on the other side, making it SYMMETRICAL.


This afternoon is yoga time again so make sure you have some fun with Coco the Butterfly.


Tuesday 2nd March

Hello Nursery,

Today after our morning routine we are back to our Mini beast theme. Below is a 2D shaped Bee activity to cut out and put together this is for your shape part of the morning routine, focus on the shapes you can see and try to name them.

  • Can you see an oval shape?.


Today we will be focusing mainly on the Bee, we will talk about the bee and ask questions like:

  • What they look like?
  • What colour they are?
  • Whether they have wings?  and why they have wings?
  • and What their very important job is?

We will look at the life cycle of the bee and talk about how they collect nectar.


We are then going to become a bee, please see the head band above, make the headband looking at the life cycle on it, then we are going to make nectar drinking flower straws so we can drink our morning snack Like a bee drinks from a flower.

This afternoon is our Makaton. The signs we are learning this week are mini beasts, please see sheet below, also have a go at signing with singing hand after you have practiced it is great fun.


Have a lovely day Miss Thelwellx

Monday 1st March

Welcome Back Nursery,

I hope you have all had a super weekend.

Today is The 1st March so a pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month to every one and it is also St David’s day, so happy St David’s Day.

St David is the patron Saint of Wales,

Saint David was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop who died in AD 589.

His mother was Saint Non and his father was Sant, King of Ceredigion.

  • He spread the word of Christianity throughout Wales.

It is believed that he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he was made an archbishop.

Saint David was famous for the miracles he performed. One day, he caused the ground to rise beneath him so everyone could see and hear him.

St David’s day is commemorated by the wearing of either daffodils and leeks the reasons for this are believed to be because:

Why Leeks?

One version is that Saint David advised the Britons, on the eve of a battle with the Saxons, to wear leeks in their caps so that they could easily distinguish friend from foe. This apparently helped to secure a great victory.

Why Daffodils?

Leeks and daffodils have similar names in Welsh – Cenhinen (leek)

and Cenhinen Pedr (daffodil). Some people believe that this is why daffodils are also national emblems of Wales.

Today after we have completed our daily routine of counting number recognition and quantity, day and date of the week, shape of the week of which this weeks shape is a OVAL, and colours.


Our main activity is to talk about St David’s day. We will talk about everything written above, including looking at welsh national dress and we will also colour in a welsh flag.


We will then have a look at Where Wales is on a map compared to Shawbury and also talk about if anybody has been to Wales on holiday??

This afternoon we will be looking at leeks and Daffodils in class then we will make some lovely Daffodil art.

Please see link below:


If you cannot print the example above off at home don’t worry just make your own unique daffodil picture.

Please don’t forget to forward me on all your art work so I can place them either in your learning journeys or on the class walls.

e-mail address is

Many Thanks,

Miss Thelwell





Happy Friday

Image result for happy friday images

Hello Nursery,

You have made it through another week of super learning.

This morning is very exciting in Nursery, after we have finished our morning routine we are going to make our own minibeast hotel outside in the nursery garden. We will be using logs, sticks, old plant pots and long grass anything we find that we think a bug might like to make a comfy bug hotel. We will then check on it as the weather becomes warmer to see if we can spot any visitors. We will then record what we see by drawing in a mini beast notebook, which the children will make and decorate themselves.

Please join in with this activity at home, look around your garden for anything you can find that you think will make a cosy bug hotel, then don’t forget to send me your pictures, I would love to see your creations to:

Please see below for mini beast hotel ideas:


Our mini beast note book will be made out of A4 paper folded in half and stapled in the middle, use a few sheet to make a little book, then decorate them with what ever you like. You could draw your favourite mini beasts, stick on bug pictures you have cut out or even stick leaves and flowers you have found outside, it’s totally up to you. Then it’s ready to document anything you see outside in the garden.

As always on a Friday afternoon I would like you to choose something YOU would like to do together, it’s important to make time for each other if you can. Just relax with a story, cook or go on a nature walk. Just make sure you stay safe and I will message you again next week.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Thelwell x




Thursday 25th February

Good Morning everybody,

I hope your week is going well, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any extra help, print outs of the work set or even just like a chat about any concerns I’m here to help.

This mornings focus activity after the morning routine is a spider peg activity, working once again on our fine motor ability.

You can either print off the activity worksheets below or make your own at home, all you will need is to draw a spiders body on card, paint or colour it black, give it two eyes and cut it out then it’s ready for you to add pegs to your body as it’s legs, counting how many you add. 

  • How many legs does a spider have??

Image result for spider peg activity image


After you have finished your spider, please sing the Incy Wincey Spider nursery rhyme and make your peg spider climb up and down the spout.


This afternoon we are doing a minibeast sorting activity, we are looking at which mini beasts have legs and which don’t.

I have included the worksheets for you to look through below, but if you can’t print them off, you could look through a book and see if you could spot some or go outside.

  • Talk bout how they move if they don’t have legs?
  • Would you prefer to be a minibeast with legs?


Have a lovely mini beast day x

Hello Wednesday

Hello Nursery,

Can I start by thanking you all for working so hard at home with your grown up’s and sending me your fantastic work.

After your morning learning of number, shapes, colour and name writing (Concentrate on practicing your pencil grip today) also don’t forget about the day of the week, month and weather, it’s important that we keep going over these daily! I would like you to spend a little time cutting with scissors, I have included some cutting out worksheets or if you have some minibeast pictures at home and would prefer to use those then please use them. Firstly start with making snips in the paper, then cut out whole lines and then try to cut out a picture that is on the paper, it is really important that we keep using this skill as it helps with our fine motor movements.


Our focus activity today is to read our story of the week ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’ please watch the story video below, although if you have the book at home please read that together instead.


Once you have read or watched the story together, I would like you to make your own ladybird. If you have a round paper plate you can use that or a round piece of paper is fine, colour or paint it red with a black head then cut out some black spots and stick them onto you ladybird, count how many spots you have used.


This afternoon it is yoga time again. This yoga session is all about bugs! it is a long session so if you only want to do half of it that’s ok, just have some fun taking time out for you to stretch and relax.


Tuesday 23rd February

Good Morning,

Today our focus activity after our morning routine is to guess the mini beast. I have included a worksheet with some cards which have either a picture or a description on them. Have a go at describing an insect and see if you can guess which the description belongs to.


If you are unable to print off the cards, have a go at drawing some pictures of minibeasts or just your favourite insect then try to describe what you see.

Please don’t forget to forward your work on to me at so I can add your work to your learning journeys.

This afternoon is Makaton time. Our signs of the week is ‘YES’ and ‘NO’

Once you have practiced these signs on each other and become super signing experts. you can watch Mr Tumble and see if you can spots these signs.

Have a lovely day Miss Thelwell x

Monday 22nd February

Image result for Back to school

Hello Nursery,

I hope you have all had a super half term and are all ready to get back into being learning superstars.

Always remember repartition is the key at this age so before you start with our focus activity of the day, Please keep going over our morning routine of counting, number recognition and quantity. Try pointing to numbers out of sequence up to 20 if you can. Colours and shapes, we are moving on to a six sided shape this week so we are looking at a Hexagon. Remember to try and write the number 6, find 6 fingers, do 6 stomps with your feet or claps with your hands and always count the sides and corners on the shape.

Here are some worksheets below to help, I’ve even included a Hexagon song.





Our focus activity today is on our new topic of  Mini beasts. In Nursery we are going to introduce this topic by making a mini beast investigation lab, we will place in a tray some minibeasts, magnifying glasses, grass, leaves, sticks and logs anything we know bugs would like, even soil! then we shall talk about the insects and bug we find hiding in the tray.

  • We will look at how many legs they have.
  • What colours they are.
  • If they have wings.
  • And which ones are our favourite.

We will also talk about how we should treat insects, Should we be kind?? and Are we scared of them??

I’ve included some stick puppets you can print off and cut out to place in your bug tray if you don’t have any mini beasts at home.

For this afternoon we are going outside to see if we can find any bugs in the garden, so please join in with us. If its raining just hid the bug pictures around you house and go on an indoor bug hunt I have also included a minibeast hunt checklist to help you with your hunting. Have fun X