Class 2 Weekly News

This week we have started our topic People who help us!

Please see our topic plan:

Summer 2 – People Who Help Us class 2 reception and year 1

Our book this week has been Doctor by Ando Twin and Lucy M George

Doctor by Lucy M. George, AndoTwin | Waterstones

Literacy – reception

In literacy this week the children have been focussing on labelling a doctor’s uniform and then writing down a list of responsibilities!

Literacy – Year 1

This week the children were looking at the features about how to write to inform. They wrote letters to the Police officer that came in on Thursday! They included some really thoughtful questions.


The children will have a new library book on Monday to share at home and some children also have a RWI reading book too. For reception please see the new booklet of words for the children to practise their sounding out and blending. Please work through these at your own pace throughout the whole term. You will notice underneath each sound is a dot or a dash. A dot is for a single letter sound (phoneme) and a dash is for a sound with 2 sounds together (diagraph). Please encourage your child to point to the dot or dash as they are using their fred talk to say the sounds and blend the word together to read it.

Year 1 homework

Please can you read the poem sent home with the children and answer the questions.

Ditty Sheets

This week’s ditty sheet is ditty 28.

This will be sent home on Monday to introduce the children to reading short words/ sentences. These are used to support our daily phonics teaching. Please encourage your child to recognise the letters and blend sounds together in short words (with the help of an adult if needed). These are also great to introduce them to ‘red words’ and allow them to start their reading journey. Please encourage your children to join in with these as much as possible to help with their blending skills in the coming weeks.

Your child will also receive a reading booklet in their homework file on Monday. Please work through this at your own pace throughout the rest of the half term. 

Reading Records

Your child had their own personal reading record. Please use this to keep track of your child’s reading at home. This can include reading from the ditty sheet, reading words using set 1 sounds or when you share a story with your child (it can be a book from school or home). Please aim to read with your child at least 3 times a week and record this with the date and a comment in your child’s reading record. Please send this reading record in every day. 


This week we have been looking at subitising amounts. The children have been consolidating their knowledge of number patterns in lots of different ways!

Year 1 Maths

This week we have been focussing on consolidating their knowledge and assessing where they are.

People Who Help Us Activities


This week the children have been looking at people who help us! They discussed lots of people who help in society and then who helps them!

Year 1 

This week we have begun our new art project looking at the collage artist Lyn Evans. The children will be completing a collage piece in the up and coming weeks!

Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Parker, Miss Shadbolt and Mrs Bromwich