Class 3

Just a little message to say thank you for encouraging your children to read as much as they can at home and for helping them create some really interesting homework for our topic.

I have sent home some reading challenge cards for your child/children to use (optional) as they read their book at home. They don’t need to bring in the activities that they do but it is a good way to encourage deeper learning and understanding of the book they are reading.

The children are also bringing home their spelling log books (continuing from Year 2- we are on 2B Unit 10) with words to practice that they have chosen from the activities they’ve completed throughout the week. The log books must be returned to school on Monday. We have been practicing the suffix ‘al’ this week.

Could your child/children please bring in an empty plastic bottle (2 litre if possible) for next Wednesday for a Science activity. 

Thank you 🙂