Class 3 weekly update

Well done for a great week class 3!

Year 1: We have been adding this week and using our addition skills to complete word problems e.g. “Ron has 4 marbles in one hand. He has 3 marbles in his other hand. How many marbles does Ron have in total?” Year 1 have also been using part-whole models. Year 2: In maths we have been learning to count beyond 100 using gattegno charts. We have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10. We have also been learning our number bonds to 20.

In Literacy we have been reading the book ‘The Journey Home’. We have looked at the polar bear and his thoughts and feelings. Today we met the other characters and did a hot seating activity pretending to be the other characters in their book. This activity is enhancing the children’s vocabulary 😊

In Science we have looked at a range of everyday materials. We completed a classroom hunt to find different objects made from different materials. We found the desks were made of wood, and discussed how desks could also be made from other materials such as metal and plastic. The children also discovered water bottles made from plastic, windows made from metal and glass, brick walls, etc. Year 2 children were challenged to think about their properties for example, desks are made from wood because they are hard and smooth, windows are made from glass because they are waterproof and see through, etc.

In Geography we learnt more about each continent. We drew pictures and wrote facts about each continent. We have been learning the continent song to help us remember the continents and their names!

On Thursday we took part in ‘Positive Noticing Day’. This allowed children to notice something positive about their friend and to give them a note to say what makes them positive. It was so kind to see all of the children using their kind words and making each other smile 😊


  • Books to be returned on Monday.
  • Children to come to school in PE kit on Monday and Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss Styles

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