Communication via email

Good morning!

I just wanted to put out a message to say thank you to everybody who has emailed me over the last few weeks! I really enjoy seeing the children’s work and hearing what they have been up to – I am missing them very much!

This morning it was brought to my attention that a few emails have not been making their way into my inbox even though they have been emailing most days with work. I just want to make you aware that I try my best to respond to every email I receive on the same day and if I don’t manage to reply the same day, I will the next morning.

If for any reason you have been emailing me and I have not responded, please don’t think I have been ignoring you. I haven’t heard from a few people and now slightly worried that maybe they have not been coming through. If this is the case please could you try again with or forward an email to admin who will then send it on to me.

I hope you are all staying safe and well!

Another day down, means another step closer to us finally being reunited in class!

Warm regards

Mrs Edwards