Decades Week, 1950’S

Welcome Back Nursery,

This week back has been our decades week, Nursery has been looking at the 1950’s. The children have really enjoyed this week, they have been lucky enough to have Reverent Rich into school to rein-enact the Queens coronation that was originally performed in 1952, They have looked at food that was popular in the 1950’s from spam to evaporated milk, Yummy! They have interpreted the collage art that was popular back in the this era by making a Queen themed picture, and in the tea party today they danced to the music that was popular back in the 1950’s and they all loved Elvis Presley.

In literacy our story of the week was Paddington at the Palace, which was very popular as many of the children had actually watched Paddington bear in the palace on the television at the weekend.

In Maths the children enjoyed Jubilee themed maths activities, and in phonics the children were recapping all the sounds learnt so far and looking at the correct formation of  m, a, s, d, t while reciting the rhymes in their writing.

Next week we will move onto our new exciting topic of the term, ‘Wild things’ so lots of monster themed activities to come. Can I please ask everyone to come with trainers next week as we will be doing some sports day practice throughout the week.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week,

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery Teamx