End of Year 6


Unfortunately, with the current situation continuing, my post from a month ago still remains in place.

We have been looking at how we arrange some form of event to celebrate your time at St Mary’s. It is a sad and unfortunate situation with Year 6, but we are having to follow the Government’s guidelines.  We did assume, as the PM had stated, that the school would have a wider opening before the end of term, unfortunately this has not been able to go ahead.

I agree that the transition to Secondary from Primary is hugely important, the signing of T shirts, assemblies, trips etc. is remembered for a long time. I have spoken to both Miss Leech and Mrs Wills about the ‘reuniting’ of pupils and they had decided at the beginning of lockdown, that as many as possible of the Y6 traditions, including a trip, possible picnics, photographs, would go ahead when it is safe to do so. Rest assured that we will do our very best to ensure you has something to look forward to as soon as we are able to arrange it.

We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.

Have a great summer,

Mr Chiverton, Mrs Wills, Mrs Unsworth & Ms Crow