Head’s Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been fantastic to have parents in school watching class assemblies.  It is wonderful to see the children sing, perform, and narrate their own learning to their parents.  This week, Year 6 have been away on their residential and it was a privilege to go and visit after school on Wednesday to see and hear everyone talk about the fun they have been having and what activities they have enjoyed.  A BIG thank you to Mr Chiverton, Mrs Duncan and Mrs Wills for going above and beyond to make sure the children had a fabulous time.

After the final interviews this week, I am now in a position to inform you that we say goodbye to Mr Chiverton, Mrs Willoughby and Miss Shadbolt.  I would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to St Mary’s during their time with us. We welcome new members of staff to the team at St Mary’s and it will be fantastic on Tuesday when you meet your child’s new class teacher. On that note, I can confirm that the open evening is until 5.30pm.

You may be aware from the news that every child in a state funded primary school would receive a ‘Platinum Jubilee celebration book’.  I can confirm that the books have now arrived in school and will be given out by the end of next week.  The books are wonderful and tell a story of a young girl, Isabella, visiting her Great Granny Joyce who tells her about The Queen and this year’s Jubilee.

I do understand that occasionally sets of traffic lights pop up overnight or refuse collection and/or tractors can cause some delays, but persistent late arrivals do cause us problems at school. It can cause embarrassment for the children in front of their peers, mean instructions need to be repeated and delay lessons and interventions. Punctuality is an essential life skill that needs to be taught from the very beginning.

You can see below how the minutes you are late can add up to days lost which ultimately has an impact on your child’s education.  So, arriving at gone 9am really can’t continue. Currently, all children need to be in school by 8.50am.

As you know, every child needs to attend 190 days during any school year.  The latest guidance from the government states that all state-funded mainstream schools will be expected to provide a compulsory week of at least 32.5 hours by September 2023.

Currently, St Mary’s is below this and will need to increase its compulsory hours in school.  To give you advance warning, a parent consultation will take place in September to increase the hours of the school day with the timeline to switch to the new start and finish times from January 2023.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs North