Hello Wednesday

Hello Nursery,

This mornings after your morning routine I want you to focus on some pencil control and number bean counting, (see worksheets below). If you can’t print off the worksheets don’t worry just continue with your name tracing/writing seeing if you can write at least the first letter of your name independently and then line up and count objects you have around you seeing if you can write the correct number against your objects, if you can’t remember the what the numbers look like without looking at them, please use your number line


T-T-7870-Jack-and-the-Beanstalk-Magic-Bean-Counting-Sheet_ver_ nursery

Please don’t forget to forward your work on to me at admin@shawburystmarys.co.uk so I can add your work to your learning journeys.

This afternoon it is cosmic yoga time!!! so have fun and send me some photo’s of you working out I would love to see them.


Keep up all the super learning, speak to you tomorrow! x