Home Learning 15.6.20

Please continue to use Education City to aid home learning in Literacy, Maths and Science.


An example of a Home Learning Timetable to help with anyone struggling for a routine similar to school.

Timetable example for home learning


Please follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. This week is Week 8 – supporting videos can be found here

Year 1 Worksheets:

Lesson 1 Make arrays 2020

Lesson 2 Make doubles 2020

Lesson 3 Make equal groups – sharing 2020

Lesson 4 Make equal groups – grouping 2020

Year 2 Worksheets:

Lesson 1 – Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes

Lesson 2 – Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes

Lesson 3 – Sort 2D and 3D shapes

Lesson 4 – Merge 2D and 3D shapes



Here is a link to the story below:



Sense detectives:


Activity Sheet Paw Prints

Activity Sheet Sense Detectives

Adult Guidance Sense Detectives

Sense Detectives Investigation


Alternative spelling for n, r and m.

Examples of alternative n = gnat gnaw sign

= knit knob knew



Examples of alternative r = wrap wrong wrote

= right red rang


Examples of alternative m = lamb bomb thumb

= mum man moan


Pracise reading and spelling high frequency words – their going

Also practise reading and spelling the words off the list below…

Year 1 and 2 common exception word list


I have loved seeing some great work already, so thank you to those who have emailed! If you would like to email me photos of your work, any arts or crafts or activities you have been doing, I would love to see them! You can email me on edwards.l@shawburystmarys.co.uk

Keep safe and keep smiling 🙂