Home Learning – Friday 26th February 2021

Phonics: Our new sound today is ire – “Fire! Fire!”


Literacy: Today’s Literacy will consist of handwriting practise, spelling practise and a chance to do some free writing.

Free writing: Free writing is a chance for you to explore any writing you wish. You may want to write a story, a diary entry, a letter, a poem, anything you wish to write is perfect! I’d love to see what you have written today so please don’t forget to email me (squirrels@shawburystmarys.co.uk)!


Today’s handwriting – Diagonal join to Set 1 and 2 letters: ig

Handwriting Sheet

Handwriting Extension

Spellings: This week’s focus is on the sounds oa, ew and ire, + numbers written as words: seven, eight and nine as an extra challenge.

1 Spelling sheet oa ew ire

Maths: Friday’s Maths lesson in class is an Arithmetic lesson. We usually start with a quick arithmetic test and then go through this together as a class. Please have a go at the test and then ask an adult to help you make any corrections if you need to.

Year 1: Year 1 Arithmetic Test Spring 2 Test 1

Year 2: Year 2 Arithmetic Test Spring 2 Test 1

RE: Our topic in RE is – Salvation – Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Today’s LO: As a Religious explorer, I will listen to stories of Holy Week and Easter from the Bible.

Discuss what our senses tell us about springtime, how spring differs from the other seasons, including the idea of new life. What signs tell us Easter is approaching? Record your ideas.

Easter is a festival that occurs in spring to remember a very important part of the Bible. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Christians believe that Jesus is God come to Earth. The Easter story is one of sadness, followed by great happiness.

Watch video – https://vimeo.com/39716113 Stop regularly to discuss and check children’s understanding and to reassure them that although this is sad now, it becomes happy at the end.

Discuss with the children what they find sad about the stories they have heard. Look at lots of different colours and discuss which colours they think are happy and which colours they think are sad, e.g. yellow is a bright, happy colour and blue is a cold, sad colour. The children should be recognising yellow and orange as happy colours and blue and purple as sad colours.

Activity: Friday 26th February 2021

  1. Allow children time to fill in the first cross, with sad colours, the parts of the stories they find sad and discuss together.
  2. Now the children are to fill in the second cross, with happy colours, the parts of the stories that make them happy and discuss this together.

To end our lesson – video of Psalm Sunday https://vimeo.com/59691514

Golden Time: Enjoy the rest of your afternoon doing something of your own choice that brings you joy 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend Squirrels Class!

Mrs Edwards