Home Learning W/C 23.3.2020

Hi all, this week’s home learning plan is as follows;


On Education City I have uploaded a number of tablet friendly activities. Throughout the first week your child should focus solely on division.

Also, your child should choose a times table focus for the week, either 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x tables and recall/rehearse these daily. Useful websites for times tables are:




To write a newspaper report about; St Mary’s Primary School closing (This could be due to Covid-19, a dragon, aliens have landed etc). Children should focus on the features of a newspaper report; heading, quotes, 5 W’s, eye witness pictures and captions.

On Education City, there is a grammar folder. Your child is expected to complete two grammar activities throughout the week.


This week’s focus is the sound spelt ‘ou’;  country, young, touch, double, trouble, couple, courage, cousin, rough, tough.


Please read daily. This is a great opportunity for children to be reading aloud using expression and intonation.


To create an information booklet or powerpoint about the River Severn and The Amazon River.


For a fantastic workout, check out Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel; The Body Coach TV. In school today the children really enjoyed #PEwithJOE. You can join in live at 9am or catch up on his YouTube channel.


Mr Weaver