We would like to welcome you and your family to St Mary’s Church of England Primary School and Nursery.

We are delighted to be part of Empower Trust. To find out how this helps us to give the very best education please follow the link below.


In our school, it is important that people are made welcome by all staff. The learning environment, displays pupils’ work and the general care of our school should reflect the ethos and values of the staff, governors, pupils, families and communities. Our pupils should reflect on the values and relate them to their own behaviour. We encourage pupils to use values to guide their own actions. The endeavours of the pupils are built upon and extended through their work and play in a school committed to Christian Values.

As we are a church school, we take the development of the whole child as seriously as we do their intellectual, artistic and physical development.
We have an established a partnership between parents, governors, staff, children, church and everyone else involved in the life of the school.
We are an open and friendly school where all children are made welcome and made to feel they can succeed. We hope that you will feel welcome to get involved and to contribute whatever you feel able to offer to St Mary’s.
For our part, we want you to feel secure and comfortable that we offer a happy and safe learning environment, where your child will make progress academically, creatively, socially, spiritually and physically. We have strong links with RAF Shawbury where many parents come for short-term postings. We believe it is especially important for you to feel that your child will be settled and begin to make progress from the word go.

Any primary school is a special place for all those who work there, encouraging high standards and genuine commitment from all who are involved. We work hard to provide an atmosphere of care, commitment and fun! We feel confident that our delivery of the curriculum at St Mary’s, and our whole-school approach to children, meets the needs of all the individuals in the school. And of course, we are ALWAYS looking to improve what we do for the benefit of your children.
We hope that our website will help you to form a broad picture of St Mary’s school. It has been designed to answer the many questions that you as parents, must have. If there are other questions, please ask!