Lunch in school

Children at St Mary’s can either have their own school packed lunch, OR have school meals, which are both healthy and varied, freshly prepared and served from the school kitchen. Our lunches are provided in house by our kitchen staff under the direction of our cook Becky, who is always happy to talk to parents about how she can help with any dietary requirements and food preferences of their children.


Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are given a piece of fruit during morning breaktime, which is free under the National Fruit Scheme. Older children (Year 3 to 6) can bring fruit from home for a mid-morning snack. We operate a healthy eating policy and so do not allow sweets, crisps, biscuits or chocolate to be eaten at breaktime, and prefer fruit or health bars (e.g. muesli bars) to be consumed.

Menu’s, payment details can be found over in our Parents’ Area on our Lunch Menu & Payment page.

Lunch Menu & Payment