Children should wear:

  • WHITE (not blue or any other colour) shirt/blouse or polo shirt, either with the school logo or plain.
  • The SCHOOL PURPLE sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • BLACK or GREY trousers, shorts or skirt (culottes are acceptable).
  • BLACK shoes (not trainers or Doc Martens): Socks and leggings (if worn) must be grey or black.
  • NO JEWELLERY Plain silver/gold colour stud earrings only will be accepted after recent piercing taped over for physical activities and taken out for school once able. Make up and nail varnish are also not permitted.
  • SUMMER DRESSES are PURPLE gingham check.
  • PE Kit – white plain t-shirt and black/navy plain shorts. Outdoor trainers. If outdoors tracksuit bottoms, leggings and school sweatshirt.

Needless to say, all school clothing, of whatever type, MUST BE MARKED WITH THE CHILD’S NAME.
Hair should not be cut or styled in patterns or spikes or dyed in any colour outside of natural shades.
All uniform items are available from the School Shop Direct which is in Sundorne Trade Park, Harlescott. You can visit their website here: www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk

Buying Uniform

You can find out more about buying uniform on the uniform shop page of our Parents’ Area:
Uniform Shop