Many parents are rightly concerned if their child is not making the progress expected of them, or face learning difficulties that the child can’t seem to get beyond. We take these concerns very seriously, and face them head-on with our provision for special educational needs (SEN). We employ a graduated response for each child, asking the help of outside agencies if this becomes necessary.
These include:
• the learning support advisory teacher
• behaviour support teachers,
• an educational psychologist
• speech and language therapists
• occupational therapists
• teachers of the deaf/visually impaired
• the school nurse
Miss Joanna Leech is the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). Miss Leech can be contacted via email at
If your child is assessed as having a special educational need or requiring some extra support in class, we will inform you immediately. In addition, you will be consulted for permission before we ask any outside educational professional to assess your child.

Gifted and Talented

Children who show greater than expected progress in any subject are given every encouragement at St. Mary’s. We provide for them through extension to the work their peers are doing in class, by fostering independence in learning so that they can research and explore beyond what is being taught in class; through specific homework and by teaching them higher-order reading and thinking skills so that they can make the most of the information they encounter and by giving them time and space to develop and practise the talents and abilities that they already have.
We are committed to providing for the needs of all pupils at our school. You can read more about our policy for Special Educational Needs in the document below:




SEND policy 2021

Special Educational Needs Provision 2021