Meals Payment and Menu


The menu works on a three-week cycle. Menu’s are available from school and we send these home regularly too. we also have special menu days to celebrate sporting events or National celebrations.
In some instances, nearly always due to non-availablility/supply of ingredients, the cooks in school will have to make changes to the published menu.

Temporary menu September 2020 Updated Lunch Menu



Prices for school dinners are:

  • £2.30 (Children’s meals)
  • £3.20 (Adults’ meals)

your child will have school dinners, by cheque payable to Shropshire Council.#

Open Lunches

During the term, we warmly invite parents, carers and grandparents to eat lunch with us on any day. Please inform the school kitchen (01939 250808) that you would like to come to lunch, by 9.30 a.m. on the day you intend to come.