Monday 23rd March

A polite reminder:
School is now officially closed and only those children whose parents/carers we spoke to on Friday or had text contact with should come into school on Monday 23rd March.

If you have not been in contact with school and you require childcare for your child due to being a key person please contact the school office tomorrow between 9am and 3pm to set this up. Please do not bring them to school on Monday.

For those parents/carers of children coming in please remember we are not teaching the curriculum but providing childcare. Your child/ren will not always be with their usual class teacher or teaching assistant and will be working in different classrooms and these are likely to change throughout the week.

Please drop off your child/ren at the main reception each morning and collect from there at the end of the day. If you are using Stars, drop off and collection remain as normal.

Thank you for your cooperation, please look after yourselves and take great care.