Owls have been busy!

We have done lots and lots this week!

Phonics sounds – D T I N

English book – this week we have been reading Supertato Run Veggies Run! The children have been retelling the story, creating their own characters and even making the Supertato using real potatoes and googly eyes!

Maths – this week we have been comparing obejcts and using our new maths words to describe them like: taller/ shorter/ longer/shorter and big and small! The children have done really well!

Afternoons – we have had lots of fun in the afternoons, we did yoga in PE, for art we created collages of different creatures and we got to play with the dressing ups and home corner.

Home reading – we have put their new Ditty sheet in their green folder, if they didn’t bring a folder in we have hole punched it and given it to the children to bring home, please pop it in there ready to read.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!