Reading and Phonics WC 6.1.2020

Common exception/high frequency words (these are tricky words that they cannot sound out to support spelling). Please take some time to review them with the children at home so they become familiar with reading and spelling these.

Year 1: be, he, so

Year 2: year 1 + old, past, father

The sounds we will be focusing on/revisiting this week are Phase 5 ue and aw.

Words that the children may want to practise spelling at home are:

ue = clue, blue, issue, true, glue, Sue, tissue

aw = saw, law, crawl, paw, claw, lawn, raw, shawl, draw, jaw

We will also quickly revisit Phase 3 sounds sh, ch, th and ng

The children will not be tested on these but additional practise at home will help them with phonics work in class.

To encourage lots of reading at home, we would like the children to remember to change their book (place it in the blue basket in class for Mrs Murphy to change) when they come in in the mornings. Mrs Murphy will ensure the child has read the book at least two times, fluently and then give the child a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets will be put into a bag and drawn on a Friday. The more times they read the more chances they have of winning the raffle prize!

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs Edwards