Reading books

Dear parents and carers,

We are busy at school assessing and evaluating where your children are with their reading skills. After the prolonged disruption to the ‘normal’ school year before summer, this is essential so that we can close any gaps that may have formed, and ensure the level of book sent home is accurate.

We are planning to send a book home with your child on Monday 21st to fit in with our schedule of sending books home on Monday and having them back on a Friday. A short letter will also be sent with the books with all the information you need.

Please avoid bringing books or book bags in any day other than Friday as we need to ensure sufficient time to ‘isolate’ the books over the weekend.

We hope you understand that during a time of introducing the Reception children to school, and getting to know the Year Ones, this has taken a little longer to organise. From next week we will be ready, and thereafter, books will be changed weekly.

Thank you for your patience,

Miss Davies 🙂