Read Write Inc

Information for parents – The link below is the information that was given to parents at the Read Write Inc session containing an overview of how each lesson is taught and some fun activities for learning challenging words.

Read Write Inc letter


Read Write Inc Spellings Sounds Charts – The link below is an overview of how the sounds can be spelt in a range of different ways within words.

Spelling Sounds Chart

Red and Orange Words – Below are the full lists of Red and Orange worlds taught throughout the spelling programme. Each week your child’s class teacher will choose 6 red/orange words for the children to practice throughout the week and at home. It is important to focus regularly on Red and Orange words because they are high frequency words and are often misspelt.

Red Words List (Year 2)

Orange Words List (Year 5 and 6)

Orange Words List (Year 3 and 4)

Curriculum Matching Charts – The following charts are organised by year group and show how the RWI spelling programme matches up to the National Curriculum.

Year 3&4 curriculum matching chart

Year 5&6 curriculum matching chart

Year 2 curriculum matching chart




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