Squirrels Spellings and Reading

We have had another very busy week in Squirrels class and the children have settled back very quickly after having to self isolate!

A few polite reminders:

Please ensure your child’s reading book with their record is given in every Friday. This is really important as the books being read 3 times a week in school link to the children’s book bag books that also need to be read three times a week at home. School books and book bag books focus on the same sounds which really help to support your children in making progress with their reading. New books are given out every Monday. This week we have been reassessing the children’s reading level and their book colours may change after Christmas.

Green homework files need handing in every Thursday in order to be marked and the new homework and spellings to be filed, ready to be given back out on a Friday for the weekend. I have ordered new homework zipper files to help the children carry their homework and reading books which are due to arrive next week!

Spellings: I have changed spellings slightly to focus on our weekly phonics sounds and to address any spellings we need to work on e.g. days of the week, numbers written as words, common exception words or Months of the year.

This week we have been looking at the sounds igh – “fly high”, ow – ” blow the snow” and oo – “poo at the zoo”. The spelling page is in the green homework file and underneath for you to refer to.

Spelling sheet igh ow oo

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Edwards