Squirrels Update, Homework and Spellings

We have had another fantastic week in Squirrels class!

Literacy: This week we have changed our story focus from The Wonder by Faye Hansen to Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. The children have enjoyed becoming familiar with the text by listening to the story, watching an animated version on the interactive whiteboard, role playing the story with a partner and sequencing the main events into their Literacy books.

Maths: We have been learning how to represent numbers to 10 and 20 using equipment e.g. Numicon, Base 10, cubes, bead strings, etc and how to compare amounts using the mathematical language ‘more/greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ and been introduced to the signs < > =.

Science: We have continued our Science topic ‘Seasonal changes’ and had a lovely lesson on Tuesday afternoon, thinking about Autumn and the changes we are starting to see around us for example, leaves changing colour, frosty mornings, etc.

PE: This week we had a very wet Wednesday afternoon, so to avoid any slips or falls on the playground we had an impromptu art lesson. The children had lots of fun with the poster paints and created some beautiful Autumnal pieces of artwork to link to our Science topic.

RE: Our Christianity focus for RE is; God – What do Christians believe God is like? We have listened to the story of The Lost Son; role played the story and discussed what forgiveness means.

Reading: Thank you for being so understanding with the reading books being changed once a week. We will continue the process of books and records being returned on a Friday morning and new books given out on a Monday afternoon. We are very excited that yesterday our new Read Write Inc books arrived and finger crossed we can get these out to you ASAP, as soon as we have sorted through them properly.

Spellings: Please find in your child’s homework file a list of spellings for this half term.

Every Friday morning, we will be spending time in class learning that week’s spelling rule and practising a few examples from the list. These spellings will then go on our class website for your child to practise over the weekend, using a look, cover, write, check template.

There will be no test, but spellings learnt will be evident in your child’s writing and will really help their progress as writers. I will not be marking their look, cover, write checks but will continue to mark their other pieces of homework.

Spelling rules this week are:

Year 1: The sounds /f/ and /s/, spelt ‘ff’ and ‘ss’.

Year 2: The sounds /n/ spelt ‘kn’ and less often ‘gn’ at the beginning of words.

Homework: Thank you to everyone who handed in their Maths homework last week. If your child did not hand in their green homework file, please could you transfer this week’s homework and other resources I have sent home to their green file?

Homework this week will be a continuation from the last piece of Maths homework – this time focussing on numbers to 20!

Green homework files are due back on Thursday 1st October 2020.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Edwards